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“Witch Lady” (University)

Sunday 10/31/10  
Tammy Daos DreamThere was this old lady witch that would go throughout the school seeking to kill everyone that was a Christian. Christians were hiding everywhere, and they were very afraid that she would find them and finish off their lives. If you were against her or spoke against her, she would try to kill you. I spoke up against her saying that she was evil and she was horrible for killing people. She heard it in the spirit from far away, and she went to look for me. She found me even though I tried to hide. She pushed the couch toward my head to try and crush me to death. I finally stopped trying to hide. I came out, and I talked to her. I still told her that it was wrong what she was doing but I apologized for calling her bad things. She broke down and she said she won’t kill anyone anyone. She asked her parents to write that they won’t do that anymore in the heavens. Her parents couldn’t write it and they had another angel write it down. 

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