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Welsh Revival

Recorded Friday, January 9, 2009 but occured 8/28/08

I felt God took me back into the time before the Welsh revival happened. There was an older man who was praying intensely with about five others for revival to break forth.  One girl cut her finger to say that they were willing to put down their lives for the revival to come.  I saw that they were praying in a barn.  Afterward, I found out that the Welsh revival had an old preacher named Seth Joshua who prayed for revival to come.  When I saw Seth Joshua, before I read the account of him, I said to myself that Seth looked a lot like the man that prayed in the barn.  Whether or not Seth was there is not important but I believe God was speaking to me about the revival.  The Welsh revival came from a barn that was made into Moriah Chapel which was consistent with my vision.

God spoke to me about preparing the intercessors for the revival and I found out today (January 9th, 2009) that Evan Roberts was doing that as well from the book, God’s Generals by Robert Liardon.

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