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Update on Tammy Dao

God has been so good to me in so many ways, and I’m so privileged to be used in this way. LoveHOP and I just came back home from a prayer-walk for CSULB with Christian clubs from Campus Crusade for Christ, Destino, Epic, Korean Campus Crusade for Christ, and also the Navigators. It was a powerful time of prayer where over possibly 50 students and leaders came to see Jesus Christ lifted up in their campus. I was honored to be able to lead one of the prayer teams around the campus for a prayer walk. 

Besides that, my heart is growing to see God move more, especially to see the power of the blood of Jesus shared to the lost. I desire to see the gospel of the power of God shared to the ones that are buried in the sorrow of this world, and I just want to go out and to even pretend to sip on coffee/slushi so I can strike a conversation with someone nearby.

This burning came from a place of being broken over my friend who was involved in an intense “Christian” cult that completely destroyed his family and his perspective of God. This desire also burned in me as I build relationship with my friend who has multiple personality disorder. I remember crying and weeping in prayer for her after I walked out as she struggled to tell me, “This is not me.” God has led me to break off territorial spirits off nations, do numerous deliverances for people, I even teach people how to do it, but yet I haven’t seen these ones completely delivered. It all brings me back to my knees in prayer. God help us. We cannot do anything without you. I must see them restored and delivered soon. I need more of God, and we need more and all of God.  

Recently, a week ago or so, I was able to speak to a young freshman from a campus. She was wailing and weeping in desperation because she had an abortion. Her parents do not know, and she couldn’t afford to share it to anyone so she drowned it out in alcohol that day. She seemed fine in the pretense of the laughter from the alcohol, but when it began rubbing off, her mask uncovered. It seemed like it was so recent when I heard her wailing because the pain seemed so fresh. Phrases of, “It scars my soul” hits me so hard to reach out to her with the Love of God. However, after finally being able to talk to her half-drunken state, she shared with me that the death of her baby has haunted her for over a year. She felt the shame of being a murderer and also she doesn’t know how to ever forgive herself. I was able to talk to her about Jesus Christ and share to her the power that is able to forgive her sins and also heal her emotionally. She gladly accepted Christ into her life. I prayed for the filling of the Holy Spirit in her life, and she was able to stop hyperventilating and fall asleep soon after. Please pray for her. Her names means “pretty.” 

The past few months, my days have looked like classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as I share on Love, Word, and Power for about two hours, leading corporate prayers, sharing on some Sundays for church, administrate the functioning of LoveHOP, and talking on conference calls and others. I have prayers that I lead throughout the week that lasts from two to six hours, depending upon how long God wants us to stay with Him, on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays/Saturdays. My favorite part is being able to share about the Kingdom of God and God just shows up in our class, and we just stay there in awe of God. We have such a good time with each other and with the Lord. Besides that, I absolutely love being able to see my students grow in God. They are getting dreams, visions, and also words of prophecy for the Body of Christ and also for non-believers. They are operating in the Power of God, hungry to grow deeper in the revelation of the Word of God, and they are falling more in Love with God. That’s so fun, isn’t it? It makes my heart burn more for Him as I watch them burn, too.

Also, our prayer meetings have been so amazing because we get to encounter the heart of God for His people and also for the lost. Recently, we have been pressing in and contending for unity in our churches that we go to and also in our campus and in the Greater Long Beach area. We felt the tangible heart of God in how He feels when His church gets disunited, and we weep for change. We believe God hears our prayers, and He is answering them. It’s just a matter of time when we see them realized in a greater scale. 

From LoveHOP Academy, we have also asked several of the dozen graduating students into staff. So we have five new staffs, and they are the most amazing bunch ever! I look at this picture, and it makes me so happy to be able to run with these burning ones. The best of all is that we are just really friends. 

God has definitely been with us so strongly, and He guides us in everything so nothing is taking so much by surprise. There is nothing that He do without first revealing it to His prophets (Amos 3:7). Even the persecutions that we are facing were shown beforehand and their intensity. My heart has been at peace in answering questions with as much honor as possible and giving everyone the benefit-of-the-doubt in times of opposition. I also pray and bless them, and try to figure out how to love on the ones who don’t seem to like us when they tell others to stay away from us. I really see it as an opportunity to show God’s love, and it’s meant to happen when you follow God. When people call us a cult, I tell them that we are either in the right place or that we’re not. We’re hot or cold, but we are definitely not lukewarm. However, there are times when I do just cry because of all misunderstandings and broken relationships. But, I don’t regret following where God went and where He is going.

Recently, I had a dream about division. The dream was about this man who went throughout the school to try to kill everyone off with a machine gun. He took me out by the collar at the end, and he tried to wrestle with me to shoot me in the head. However, in the middle of the struggle for survival, God spoke to me saying his intention is for me to kill him. So I told him, “I’m not going to kill you.” Afterward, he began crying. The police officers came and took care of the situation. I woke up realizing that the goal of division is for us to try to kill one another in the end. However, when we respond in Love, the plans of restoration of deeper heart-issues get unleashed over their lives.

Besides all of the things that I’m doing, from trying to finish the media kit to assemble the Greater Long Beach area for 24/7 house of prayer to doing deliverances, I don’t want to be lost in the busy-ness of ministry. I constantly try to do a heart-check, and nothing seems better than simply sitting at the feet of Jesus to learn of Him and to know Him in a deeper way. I have also been getting this song stuck in my head, “There’s going to be a wedding and the reason that I’m living is to marry the Lamb.” I don’t want to be relevant nor popular. I just want to worship God. 

By the way, if you didn’t know, I have been in full-time ministry since April of 2010. God has been taking such good care of me, and He has given me everything I need even though my family do get wearied and tell me to get a job at times. Hehe. But thank you for your prayers. If there is anything I need right now, I think I would really like to get out of the United States and be away for a time with God and catch some good fish, not figuratively speaking.

God bless you and may He cause His face to shine upon you, 

Tammy Dao

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