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“The Witness of the Holocaust”

Tammy Daos DreamI saw people/family who was starved really badly because their owners really did not like them. There was a man who would come to some of the houses and begin writing about them while they were still at home (they were interviewed). He shared their stories on how they were treated really badly and all of them were starved still. Some of them were pregnant ladies. Their owners didnt destroy the pregnancy knowing that the pregnancy would be terminated because of the diet. There were so many of them who were placed in homes like that who were starved and the writer would share these stories in two books. There was one main book that he had written just about them but when it came out, no one really believed it because it was happening in their time. I saw the name of the book and its cover as well. I forgot the name even though it was repeated to me several time. The cover was yellowish/white. The people were in like a yellow field. This is one of my vivid dreams… 

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