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The Vampires and Simple Truth

Tammy Daos Dream

12/27/07 Thurs  

Myself and some other people went up to the forest to hang out. When we were up there, we got attacked by these evil vampires or something. At night time, they came and they wanted to bit us. Some of the guys from Simple Truth otold us to ignore them and don’t talk to them but we did. We closed all of the doors and we pushed them away but they finally got in. They bit about three of our teammates and they told me to run for my life while I still could. They did not become completely evil but they just couldn’t do anything. Somehow I brought brem into this plane to fly back to the cities. While we were still up on the plane, I pushed all of them off the planes. They fell into the water but did not die. The Simple Truth people came with an ambulance and picked them up to bring them back home. When they were still there, they had a scientist that kept all of these vampires frozen but continually feeding them with certain chemicals to keep them alive. Afterward I got injected with certain chemicals to become immune to them.”

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