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The Priesthood Carrying the Glory of God

Tonight’s worship and prayer time was so intense! We started out with just worship led by our awesome worship leader, Harold Huang, at 7:30pm and then we started to engage into a time of deep intercession by 9pm. As we were pressing into the heart of God, I received a vision of four people holding the ark of the covenant in heaven. Afterward, the ark of the covenant turned into the throne of God where God was sitting upon it. I asked the Lord for revelation of the vision, and I felt that God was speaking to me that this move of the Glory of God would be ushered in by His saints who are in holy surrender that stand in the gap as a priesthood who will not take in any of the glory due to God for themselves (Isa. 42:8). They will always point back to Jesus Christ as the creator of all good things (Rev. 4:11), instead of flirting in the glory of God for themselves. They know that once they touch the glory of God for themselves, they would no longer be able to walk in the glory of their calling or their ministry before God would die off (1 Chron 13:10-11Ezek 44:10-28). These are the people that He will entrust to carry the strong presence of God. They walk in all lowliness and meekness before God. Before I prayed that God would raise up a pure people who knows how to walk in the power of God, Juan Arias received a vision confirming mine. He saw in a vision that we were cupping our hands out before God, and He was pouring out the water of His Spirit to refresh us with purity/holiness to help us walk in the power of His Spirit.

At some time during the prayer tonight, we were praying for the manifested presence of the glory of God and Juan Arias told us that he saw such a thick mist in the room. He thought he was going blind but after he rubbed his eyes several times, he saw the thick mist in reality. He believe that it was the weighty glory presence of God. Harold and I believe that Juan actually saw the manifested glory of God even though we had our eyes closed during that time because we felt such a strong move of God in the room. It was definitely so overwhelming and sweet! And yes, tonight’s prayer was just Harold, Juan, and I as there was prayer with The StudentCall in Los Angeles that went on from 2pm-10pm. I was praying earlier the day before whether or not I should go to the StudentCall the whole time or return back in time for our prayer that night, and I felt in my heart so much anticipation and excitement of how God would show up. I love going to really small prayer meetings with people who are filled with the zeal of the Lord because God always show up in such powerful ways.

Tonight was definitely a turning point in my life because some of us made a sober decision to surrender all of our lives to dedicate to see the Love of God impact Greater Long Beach Area, even if it means death/martyrdom or living to love the hell out of people. After the prayer, which ended around 11pm, we shared with each other what God is doing in our cities and in our hearts. I asked the other two if they made a decision to surrender all of themselves to God. Juan asked, “Don’t all of us do that?” I said that not everyone understand what it means or have the same definition. I told him that it means to surrender ourselves before God, dedicating ourselves to see the glory of God revealed in our cities even if it means martyrdom or living and loving God and others. We need to come to this place where we say, “I’m willing to die see these people step into their destinies of knowing God because I want them as my inheritance.” It’s this kind of vow that is compelled from Love that will shake our cities/nations. Before I shared all of that to Juan, he had already made the decision because God spoke to his heart that the only way that the glory of God was going to revealed was if we desire it more than Satan. It was definitely a sobering moment as we entered into that surrender that night. As God revealed to Harold, the only way to surrender (fear/doubt) and to live with fervent fire in our lives is to believe and know that God is more than enough. I love how God gave the confirmation to us through Juan, and he was receiving the same message from God even as the Lord has been speaking to us about this same matter last week.

Last week, as we were praying, God gave me a vision of Jesus praying in the heart of the Father. He was praying with great fervency, and He kept crying out that He wanted them (Greater Long Beach Area) as His inheritance. He would repeat this over and over again. I felt His heart for a moment as though He wanted to say, “I would lay it all down for them” even though He did on the cross already. He turned back to me and asked, “Are you willing to lay it down for them?” I realize that if we wanted to see the promises of God fulfilled, like the house to be 24/7 night and day prayer, this next step would be the acceptance of this great dying-to-yourself invitation. I heard from Lou Engle at TheCall 2010 that if you wanted the people to bleed, the leaders need to hemorrhage.

Lets pray and consider this invitation to surrender all before God with all soberness, counting the cost of it all and not being haste to do this in emotional excitement.

I pray that the zeal of the Lord for His house would consume you as it consumed the worshipper of God, David:

Psalm 69:”8 I have become a stranger to my brothers,

And an alien to my mother’s children;

 9 Because zeal for Your house has eaten me up….”

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