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“The Outpouring of God at the Historic Azusa Street Grounds” (Heidi Baker Conference)


Tammy Dao’s Vision:I was at the conference with Heidi Baker at LA, and I felt God wanted to speak to us about the spirit of adoption. That day, Heidi shared on the spirit of adoption. Afterward, we went up to spend some time with God, and I was filled so much with the Holy Spirit that my body moved like a drunkard. I could barely stand up and I was acting besides myself physically or shaking uncontrollably. I could not control my movements and I know I looked very embarassing. Nonetheless, the Spirit was on me. I felt as if God was taking me into the deep water to cleanse me again, my whole body. I could feel the SPirit cleansing my feet to the tip of head which took about an hour or so. When He got my tonges, it felt numb and warm. It was an odd feeling but it was like dipping your tonuge in hot water, like a coal or something. I could feel that my eyes were clearing up and the grays from my eyes were removed so I could see better (i see fine. it was more in the spirit that i was seeing this).
Tim George and Daisy Cho came to pray for me, and when I touched them, they flew backward quite far under the power of God. Karla Goddu and my brother An Dao fell down under the power of GOd when I touched them and began shaking under the power of God during this time.
Afterward, He touched my ear and I believe I felt heat coming from there, too After I went through the water, I climbed up a tree and there was a fruit there that I was suppose to eat. I forgot what happened next but I know that Jesus’ face came directly at my face, and there was so MUCH LIGHT in HIM. His eyes were burning with fire with such love but so much fearful righteousness that threw me off to another place physically, like flipping, to another place. All I could remember was being so overwhelemd with His purity that it made me tremble so much inside. Honestly, His face shocked and striked a fear in me though in my spirit and within my physical body, there was a very warm and soothing feeling that is in a certain ecstasy. I would desrcibe it as if it is when one is very drunk though I’ve never been drunk. I’ve seen drunkenness of wine before. The difference that I know for sure is that being spiritually drunk in the Holy Spirit like that is the best ecstasy ever without the negative side effects the next though the Spirit of God continued to be with me like that for the next to six days. That night, I was literally dragged back to my house by my brother and Karla Goddu.
God did not speak to me much during that time but I had only about one or two visions concerning Long Beach. I saw there was a big well underneath the grounds where we were for LA and I saw what appeared to be gold clouds that traveled from LA to go to Lakewood, Long Beach and Orange Country. I saw and I knew in my spirit that it was the Angel of Revival that was going ahead of us. One thing that God wanted me to say while I was under His power that night was, “Though we are few, we are great!” The angel of revival was on his battle mode and he was riding on a horse.

I will never forget that face. it is so sweet and beautifyl and yet so fearfully reverent in all holiness. It captures your heart. There is a fearful holiness that makes one trembles and amazed when we see Him. There is no comprehension of His face and His fearful awesome Love!

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