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The Importance of Priorities & Values

So today, I just recently put together a list of things that I find are important priorities and values in my life. Yesterday, I shared at LoveHOP Church from Ephesians 5:15-21 and the phrase “redeeming the time” stuck out to me. I think it’s important to figure out what our priorities are in our lives and also our values that govern the priorities so we can live a meaningful life that will bring glory to God. This list actually comes from a book that God told me to read in 2008 called “God’s Generals” by Roberts Liardon, and I got reminded of it when I recently read “Moral Revolution” by Kris Vallotton. I’m placing this list on my wall to help me remember what’s important in life. I think everyone should have something like this where it’s easily seen every day that are from the Scriptures.

Personally, I really like Kris Vallotton’s list in his book that I got from the Jesus Culture’s conference called “Encounter” in Janurary 7&8 this year for free! I think it’s so worth it to buy the book (Moral Revolution)!  It’s a great book on how to live in purity in life as a youth.

Here are his virtues that govern his life:

  • I will serve God first and honor Him always, both in life and in death.
  • I will be honest, loyal, trustworthy, and a man of my word, no matter what the price.
  • I will keep my values, regardless of how much they cost me, and if I fail, I will be quick to repent.
  • I will treat all people with respect, whether they are friend or foe, because they were created in God’s image.
  • I will strive to love everyone, despite their opinions, attitudes, or persuasions and in spite of how they treat me.
  • I will be loyal to my wife, both in through and deed into eternity.
  • I will live to bless and empower the generations to come and leave an inheritance both in the Spirit and in the natural for three generations.
  • I will never work for money or sell myself and any price. I will only be motivated to do what I believe to be the right thing and receive my sustenance from God. I vow to be generous no matter what my circumstances may be.
  • I will live my life to bring out the best in people and to bring them into an encounter with the real and living God.

This is what Kris says about his list of virtues, that I think are also worthwile to note:

“Virtues help us to live from the inside out instead of from the outside in. No longer do I live by other people’s rules. Instead, I live by values that guide my attitudes, which, in turn, determine my choices. Choices dictate my behavior. My behavior becomes manifestations of my personhood, and my personhood leads me into my destiny.”

Also, here is a great list from Jonathan Edwards, a reformer from the First Great Awakening in the Church. Check it out here:


  • Love God with all of my heart, soul, mind, strength & love others as myself.
  • Carry the Kingdom of God as a princess and a bride of Christ with supernatural demonstration.
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit continuously to carry out the calling of preparing the way of the Lord’s return (Isaiah 40)

How to walk in it personally:

  • Numbers 4:29-49
    • Speak forth identity by calling God’s children into their function in the Body of Christ for the work of ministry in His house of prayer.
  • Job 4:12-21
    • Remember that I can never be better than my God/Maker.
  • Proverbs 4:14-27
    • Do not enter the path of the wicked/evil
    • Give attention to Gods words and incline my ear to His sayings
      • Do not let them depart from my eyes.
      • Keep them in my heart.
      • Keeping this brings life & health to my flesh.
    • Keep my heart with all diligence
    • Put away deceitful mouth and perverse lips
    • Let my eyes look straight ahead (toward God)
      • Ponder the path (direction) of my feet and let all my ways be established (keep my words & be intentional with all that I do and wherever that I go in life)
      • Do not turn to the right or the left; remove foot from evil.
  • Hebrews 4:8-16
    • Enter the rest of the Lord always to receive the Word of God.
    • Come boldly to the throne of grace that I may find grace to help in time of need.

Personally, I got this list from a dream in 2009 when God spoke to me that He would give me a dream about the things that I should keep as a foundation in my life when I would go to Egypt. I think it’s good to get your personal list from the scriptures as well! Let me know what your list is if you started one after reading this or your values that you have been keeping.

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