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The Holy Spirit Came

Tiffa, David, and I were at CCC and Tiffa and I began to really sense the presence of the Lord strongly that night or tonight.  It started with praying for forgivness with Liana and praying with Krystin.  Soon God touched us in powerful ways and there was a tangible spirit for healing.  After we sowed in tears, we literally reaped in joy.  All of us began laughing so hard with the presence of the Lord.  Afterward, Jesse was filled with the Holy Spirit and began weeping.  Then, Juan Arias was filled with the Holy Spirit and ignited his love for the Lord.  Then so many others.  God gave tongues to Carissa, Ryan, Jamie, Jordan, Jamie, and filled many people with His Holy Spirit.  we prayed and worshiped and we were “drunk in the Spirit” in a small room until 11:30pm, then we had to go home for tomorrow we will meet again.  Tonight was the first night Tiffa was drunk in the Spirit. Hallelujah! Revivial-the grace for praying for His presence, has come!

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