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“The Evergreen Cemetery” Confirmations about Revival at CSULB

Tammy Dao’s Dream Sat 3/3/07

I went toward a cemetery, and there was a servant there standing and welcoming people into it. I went toward him, and he allowed me to enter in. When I came in, there was a small pavement that was made out of green bible with the name, “Evergreen” engraved in gold on the bottom right corner of each Bible. There was a little house/museum that kept all of the people that died in the past and also in the future. The servant came up to me and said that this place included all of the great men/women of God as well as the ones who didn’t do so well.  There were pictures with frames of these men/women of God. They were hung in the mid-air and others were hung toward a wall. Each one of them had a number next to them. He told me that there was someone I know in there, and he asked me if I wanted to see him. So I went to him and he had a picture of himself holding a guitar. The picture came out and it was not a regular picture. It was like 3-D art with the neck putruding outward from the picture. CONFIRMATIONS ABOUT REVIVAL AT CSULB:A month later or so, God told me to drive up to this truck that was green. He said, “There is a message I want you to read.” When I drove up next to it, it said, “Evergreen.” I didn’t understand it. 
A few months or so later, I was lying down in front of the University Bookstore, and I looked up to the sky and I was praying with David Wiltfong. I felt an invisible hand of God reaching down toward me. it was a very strong impression because it reminded me of how I became aware of God when I was five years old or so. A hand reached down into my heart at that age, and I felt like it was God. Anyways, back to reality, God spoke to me in the spirit and said, “I’m coming because of your prayers.” I told God, “That’s nice. You usually tell me that.” I kind of thought about what He said, and when I looked over to this junky cloud, I thought that it was different. I was in the form of a man from his waist up. He had strong abs, and he was holding a sword in his right hand raised up. He also pointed toward me and David with his left hand. I told David to look at the cloud and both of us were shock to the very obvious cloud-formation of the man. David usually doesn’t seen things out of abstract, and that cloud was not abstract in any way. It was VERY clear to the point where we could see the formation of his hair. The cloud was there for at least 15 minutes or so but none of us took a picture because we were just shock.
A few months or so later, God told me to read this book called, “God’s Generals: Why Some Succeeded and Why Some Failed” by Roberts Liardon. I read it and I found out that William Seymore is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery in Southern CA in Pasadena or somewhere close to there. Also, Evan Roberts was sitting with his relative when they saw the arm of God reaching down toward them from the moon. Evan was about the same age as me when that happened. This incident happened before the revival broke out in Wales. This is similar to the feeling I received in front of the University Bookstore. 
Also, whenever I talk about the Evergreen truck and the dream, I would see the truck past by me when I’m driving, like when I was in Vietnam and when I was talking to Eddie Brown. 

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