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“The Armies and Overtaking the new Land”

Tammy Daos DreamI was on top of a horse, and Sarah Yoon was leading some of her people. We came together, and we were going to attack some of the cities together. I looked at one of the girls that was pregnant. She wasn’t suppose to carry the child and she had stolen the child from another person and placed it into her womb. I told everyone that if we were to conquer over the next lands, we would have to confess our sins and be completely pure and spotless. 
We continued to march to the next land area. When I got there, we were expecting to increase our army by more than a thousand-fold. However, when I got there, I saw everyone had black patches on their faces and bodies, like people who has cancer. I came to the leader of the tribe, and I asked her, “What did you do? Why are you like this?” She said, “We have been mixed with another race and marrying with them.” I believe she mentioned one of the Arab nations, but I don’t remember the exact nation. I got angry, so I yelled, “Why are you a mixture?!! WHy are you A MIXTURE?!! You will surely die. How will you continue on to take the next city??” They were going to die, not because of what I did but because they have been mixing with immorality of the world. I took out a javelin and I began scratching their arm with the head of the spear to see how strong they were. However, when I barely touched them, they all died. Eventually, the WHOLE thousands of people in that land died as I rode on my horse to touch them with the javelin. They became ashes when I touched them. I began weeping. 
I came up to this small tiny cave where we found two babies creatures that were so WHITE and PURE. Their eyes were even white, and there was NO darkness or spot of a shadow in them. I thought they were the cutest thing ever and it calmed my heart. I felt that they were movements that were being raised up. However, my brother picked one of them up into his hand and he took a needle and poked it to see what they were like. So that one died. 
I woke up crying, because I felt something just died in the spirit of a new movement because of our brother’s/sister’s recklessness in experimentation and curiosity (Church). But I knew there was another one like it that was being raised up in all purity and also they would be mighty Love-warriors.  
Confirmation:Gordon MacIlvane from Justice House of Prayer in San Diego was at my house with Eddie Brown for the Jehu’s Ride in California in 2009. Gordon shared to me a dream that he had that night, which was about a few days after the dream that I had. He said that there was a fence that divided between the pigs and the hens with their chicks. However, the fence came down and the pigs chased the hens away from their children. Gordon felt really sad because the chicks were by themselves. 

Interpretation between our dreams: The recklessness of the leadership of some of the Christians from the place of compromise defiles the Church and causes us to abandon the younger movements that God have entrusted us. The fence of the obeying God’s commandments give us parameters of pursuing God. God is calling for purity in His Church in CA. 

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