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The Ancient Door of Intercessors

Tammy Dao:

There was a gold palm leaf that was vibrating back and forth, and it sprinkled gold until I saw a door/gate  within a mansion.  The door is not that humongous but it is still really big.  It is made of gold.  there are gold heads on this door and they were interceding

I went inside and the whole room was being filled with table, food, and the children.  This room had about 5 rows where about 5 children can sit together facing toward a throne with the Lord sitting on it.  There are two columns and the middle is the pathway where you can come to the Father.  There is a very homey feel to it and the children are so joyful.  Whenever they made praises to the Lord, ther would be gold sprinkled off their fingers into the air.

I felt the Lord speaking to me that these are the children that are being raised up as intercessors.  All I can do was cry and still crying writing about this.  All I know is that these are the children which are the fruits of people like Lou Engle, Eddie Brown, Jake Hamilton, and myself and others.

God is raising up a ver special army of intercessors that the world has never seen before.  There is ABSOLUTELY nothing that can stop them from the glory of God.  Their glory is the glory and praise that they give to the Lord.  There are many that call themselves intercessors as well as myself and there are thousands upon thousands of intercessors being raised up.  However, these children are more rare than any other gold, ruby, etc.  There are about 50 of them in this room.  To be in such a room to see these children is such a huge blessing already.  They will bring so much HOPE in our generation and the later generations as they mature spiritually.

Confirmation 2/14/09 UCSD: I shared this vision to Eddie Brown at their Love Tent event and he began crying because God placed a desire in his heart to bring in 25 or 50 children in to teach them about prayer and intercession.

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