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Testimonies from Community

“I want to thank God for the Tuesday night fellowship group because it has been a great blessing in my life – spiritual life – for a year and a half that I‘ve been coming there. I’m glad and thankful for the relationships that I built in the group; I’m grateful for the spiritual health and the financial health in partnering with me to plant seeds in the heart of thousands of children and families in the Philippines. Many souls have come to know Jesus because of the partnership with LoveHOP and the fellowship group. I pray that the partnership will continue as I begin a new journey in serving in the Philippines this year of 2016. One testimony that I can share is about a man in my most recent trip in November 2015 who committed murder, and after sharing the gospel to him in a city jail, he was touched by the Holy Spirit and he repented of his sin. He gave his life to the Lord. As a result, he wrote a letter to the family, asking them for their forgiveness. This could only have been done by the grace and love of God. Thank you so much who has helped planted seeds.”

~Gustavo Gonzalez 

“I came in at a perfect time to LoveHOP because I always wanted to develop a prayer life but didn’t know how to think about prayer; my point of view in prayer was off and was never sure how well prayer really worked, so I never got any real traction in my own prayer life. Tammy’s teaching on prayer, its effects, and proper point of view of how we see people and pray over them really gave me a new understanding of how God wants us to view the world. Praying with Nikkie and Daniel on Mondays helped me get real life practice and even more understanding of what was taught. I’ve been able to use what I learned about prayer in my own personal time. I also was able to connect with people at my church more deeply and in more detail through praying with them with this model and viewpoint of people.  It gave me a lot more boldness in an intercession type prayer even in my prayer time while starting to develop more of a reliance on the Holy Spirit to guide me. Also, LoveHOP was an answered prayer because I noticed in our homeless outreach, even though the goal is to build connection and relationship, I would always find myself not knowing how to make connection and running away from opportunities. I asked God to bring in workers to serve and model love for me first so that I can serve His people in return more effectively. After a week or two, I noticed God was using LoveHOP to do that. They have shown me how to have a heart for people in real life and build connection by doing it for me through a welcoming energy, being willing to talk about real issues, pray over me, give me bold encouragements, and taking time to teach me important things.  That following week I was able to make connection with the homeless community way easier and faster. I know this will also cross over into my church in time – the intercession, the ability to connect, etc. I really learned what love looks like in a deeper way, including gaps in my knowledge about the power of prophetic encouragement, affirming what is true, false compassion — it has been invaluable!”

~Arthur Kim

“Being a part of the LoveHOP community has grown my hunger for God. I sense His presence and have heard Him so often and seen Him move there so often that I am encouraged and excited to know Him even more. The Radical Lovers Internship has taught me how to steward this hunger well through worship, prayer, and fasting. It’s helped me in my relationship with God in helping me to realize and accept my identity in Him and not feel guilt or shame (as I used to feel frequently) in coming to Him. This has given me greater faith. It has brought me to new depths of understanding in relationships with people in teaching me how to see everything as beyond flesh and blood, that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places. Knowing this has helped me in rebuking spirits that want to disturb my family and seeing them change as soon as I cast it off in Jesus’ name. I’ve felt more grace and compassion to see my family and friends and everyone in this way. This has helped me grow in wisdom and compassion in how to love and communicate with people that are transformational and not fruitless, that will point them to the love and power of God.”

~Teri Gartner

“I have received the gift of tongues, have developed my prayer life more and am drawing near to God. He has been healing the pain in my heart. When I read the Bible, I can now understand more of what the Word says allegorically from doing my Radical Lovers Internship homework with LoveHOP. I have learned so much about deliverance and hearing from God that I am starting to ask God to go back to the roots of my sin. I am learning to uproot them and water, so they do not come back. Also, I met new friends at LoveHOP who encourage me, and I appreciate how much everyone has helped me.”

~ Daniel Smith

 “The Cross-cultural Internship with LoveHOP has helped me understand people in where they are because I tend to misjudge. I’m learning to have compassion towards them when I do not understand them. In my marriage, my husband and I tend to misinterpret our strengths and weaknesses. He is more slow-paced than me, and I get frustrated. Through this class, we are able to communicate better, have harmony, and resolve conflict well. We are still in work in process, but we have gotten better.”

~ Leslie Denny

“God would answer questions deep in my heart that I sought the Lord for but not have clarity at the moment. God has used the Sunday trainings at LoveHOP to bring clarity in my thoughts. I asked the Lord how He expects me to be in this season because I have been going through a lot – testing, pressures, and darkness. I needed a reminder from the Lord how to position my heart. Then on a Sunday, I learned that He desires for us to find Him in the eye of the storm – to look to Him in the midst of the chaos and to have a steadfast heart in being where He has asked me to be.”

~ Christian Ghede

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