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Southeast Asia Trip 2007/2008

In 2007, God led me to take a friend to Southeast Asia (Jason Poon) with Joshua Bui as we were welcome to come to minister to the Assembly of God believers in the summer. We were able to share on the prophetic and also did a prayer initiative in the center of the country. God used us to see physical healings, people come into their destinies, and many youths felt renewed and called back to come back to their first love again. We were also able to share prophetic words of encouragement to the people in the Highlands.

Ministering to the people up in the highlands. Yes, he is Asian.

Jason Poon, Tram Anh, me, and Joshua Bui.

ministering to the leaders up in the highlands

ministering to the youths at a summer camp under a huge camp.

Ministering to a church

In 2008, I took a small team (Echo Lau, An Dao, Annie Nguyen, Thao Bang) with Joshua Bui to Southeast Asia, and we had an opportunity to minister to the awesome believers within the Assembly of God denomination. In one youth group, the youths went from twelve to growing to over seventy-five after we were able to sow into some of their lives the importance of prayer and also as we trained the youths in the prophetic all throughout the country. We also had our friend, Echo Lau, who led the healing seminar for inner healing. Many lives were changed as they felt empowered to impact their friends and the people within their sphere of influence. I am looking forward to the time when God leads me back to the 1040 window soon!

Prophetic training and prophesying to the youths up in the north 2008. They were able to prophesy to one another correct words of knowledge and encouragement into each others’ lives.(image below)

Visiting, teaching, and taking care of some of the orphans in Highland Vietnam.(image below)

Prophetic training and healing seminar in the south.

Visiting, hanging out, and taking care of some of the orphans in the central city.

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