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Reverse Confession at CSULB

Reverse Confession was held on CSULB and many students felt the Love of God through it and other Christians loved the heart of it. Justin Hackitt, student leader from the Navigators, got the idea from a book and brought it over. Before he brought it over, several of us have been feeling a prompting in our hearts from the Lord to do something like this in our school for the past year even though Justin did not know about it so the hearts of the people at CSULB would begin to have a more open heart to the testimonies and Love of God. Some of us had the opportunity to talk to professors and many students through the event. Jordan Jacobsma, a student from CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) and I had an opportunity to talk to one anthropologist professor name Linda Light for over 45 minutes. She began changing her views about people as being comparable in value to nature (people and you are special), women seen as slaves in the Bible (there are many women leaders), and that our “moral DNA” just came out of nowhere (it came from God).

This video and event was held on Wednesday, April 27th.

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