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“Prepare for the Great Battle”

Tammy Daos Dream

5/17/07 Thurs  The land was very pretty and clean. There were many little rivers that go throughout the land. One day, up in the sky, there was some toxin that has been released by the workers from the government. It made the sky very dirty like the colors of red and dirty yellow. Many people who stayed in the city would have health problems. Mself and other younger kids were in another land while this was happening and we could see some things going on. We ran back to our city and the air was so polluted. I went around exploring the land and there was a huge water system. It regulated how much water was going into the land. One day, there was this spiritual or spirit-led tornado that came toward the water and it broke the watering system. The water bursted out and went everywhere in the land. I didn’t know whether or not if that was good. Another scene shifted: We were all preparing for battle (people from the toxicated city). We were a very well-trained army and we had many victories in the past. Because we haven’t had much training or we were getting older, we were not as skilled. we were fighting against another city that wanted to conquer our land. we went with spears only and we have no protective covering for ourselves for defense but that was what we have been trained with. They attacked from afar with arrows but they did not kill many in our army. when we got close enough to them, the battle was on and many of them died by our spears. though many of them were shooting arrows at us, we were still strong. another more experienced battling person and myself were together and we were one of the last one to battle each other. we were separated by a cub-like thing and we were going to kill the opponent/enemy. we would go up and down and sideway and we would around the cube and use it as a protection. as he would thrust his spea at us, we would be able to dodge it. he was one of the experienced warrior also so it was hard for us to bring him down. the guy with me said that used to be very quick at this kind of game and he said that he would demonstrate it for the enemy to see. when he did, he killed the opponent in a few seconds. I was amazed at him…. by the way, it seems that this is completely possible that the gov’t is sending forth chemicals to destroy people’s health and reduce their livelihood. read this:

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