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Prayer Strike for Gay Parade

We started our fast on Wednesday, May 18th at 7pm with the focus of praying for mercy for CA and also the strengthening of the wineskin for our community. During that same time, we invited Eddie Brown to come and share on the gov’t and what has been going on ({article Eddie Brown- The Ark- Preparing a Generation for the Last Days}{title} {text} {readmore}{/article}. Some of the things he shared was very interesting including about what he thinks about the LGBT community. It was interesting that Eddie shared on it because David WIltfong and I just talked about them the night before Eddie shared. We recently did spiritual mapping of the Gay Parade and found that it has so many spiritual back-bone to it that we believe that is the reason why it draws in so many people in the past from 70,000 to 100,000 which is the second biggest event in Long Beach after the Grand Prix. 

As a very small group of us went out to do the prayer strike on Friday (May 20), there were many interesting things that happened that we believe were signs that God was listening to us and answering our prayers. For example, as I was praying that God would release healing in the HIV community, there was a man nearby that yelled something like, “Out of the mouth, it has been spoken and done!” He was about 30 feet away, and I don’t think he could hear us pray. For another example, as I was praying that God would overthrow the spirit of withcraft over the Gay Parade and also their protection spells against it, like how He would slam all of the idolatry in Egypt, there was a guy that passed by wearing a shirt right at that moment that says, “Wham!” So I just included it in my prayer that God would “wham” all of it. The guy heard it and said, “Yea! That’s right! Wham it!” For another example, as we were heading back to the car and finishing up our prayer, we saw this fountain with water coming out of it. It reminded me of the Baal contention in the Scriptures with Elijah. We began talking about it, and I wondered if it is a sign that God answered our prayer. Before that, we were praying against the spirit of Jezebel and Baal over Long Beach, and as we continued to walk, there was a rock that had a drawing of a man with a spear throwing spears at a dead bull. The symbol of Baal is the bull. Interesting. Isn’t it?

We would like to think that God is answering our prayers, and He heard us. He knew that we were going to do it, and He orchestrated things all around us to encourage us to press on. That is pretty crazy that God would do something like that as signs to encourage us. God would answer many of our prayers when we pray like the persistent widow standing upon the revelation of a just God (Luke 18; James 5:16,17), as we stand in the revelation of being sons and daughters of a Most High God (Hebrews 4:15,16; Luke 8:10), and as we live a lifestyle that is pure and holy in Him (James 5:16,17). Keep pressing on and keep praying. God hears you. 

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