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Prayer Strike at Fort MacArthur

Tammy Dao and several LoveHOP leaders initiated a prayer strike with the Neighborhood HOP and Whittier HOP in San Pedro, CA in February 20, 2010. LoveHOP had no intention or any arrangements to meet with the other two HOPs but God placed it in their hearts to come. We came there around 7pm, and we were standing between the Friendship Bell and the Angel’s Gate Park to pray against terrorism and also establish friendships for HOPs in CA. When we stood there sirens, gunshots, and explosions went off into the sky which caused majority of the cars’ alarms to go off. We found out later that it was the annual Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942 Reenactment at Fort MacArthur. We believe God was giving us a sign that He knows what we were doing, and He would protect CA in this time from terrorism in the Long Beach port and LA port area.

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