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“People were Missing from Central East Coast”

Tammy Daos DreamIn the West area of Africa, there was an army being raised up who were demon-possessed. They were very faithful and hard-working toward their cause, which was to destroy and to steal people away from the face of the earth. They were very strong. They were doing witchcraft and sorcery against the US but could only be effective in the central east coast of US. 
There were wanderers in the desert in the eAst Coast and they have been looking for a home but have not been able to. They were very hungry and they also had many families. There was a newscaster who interviewed these wanderes. One person echoed how most of them felt wandering around the area. He said that they were not fearful of not finding food or a home but they were more afraid of being taken away by these manifestations of evil there that wants to take their lives. People would just disappear in the middle of the day. 
The demon-possessed West Africans wanted to eventually send forth an army that would eventually hit CA. At the rate they were working compared to the spiritual rate that Christians were working, it seemed that America will be taken over. 

REAL LIFE: I learned later that the Mayor of Francisco says, “as CA goes, so goes the nation” in about 2008. 

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