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Payment for Internship

Pay online for the Internship. There are two steps that you need to take to pay for the internship. 

1. Pay for the non-refundable application processing amount. It is $20.

Non-Refundable Application Processing
Application Processing: $20Option 2Option 3

2. Pay for the internship using either the Sponsorship Program, pay it in full through monthly payments, or pay it in full and receive 5% discount:

a) Give the indicated amount if you are paying through the Sponsorship Program. 

b) Pay it in full through monthly payments:

Select this option if you are taking the Fragrance of Love Internship.

Fragrance of Love Payment
Fragrance of Love- $200 for 3 months

Select this option if you are taking the Radical Lovers Internship.

Radical Lovers Payment
Radical Lovers- $200 for 6 mos

c) Pay it in full directly and receive 5% discount:

Internship Payments (5% discount)
Fragrance of Love $570.00Radical Lovers $1,140.00
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