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Painful & Personal- Jacob Transition

Lately, I’ve been talking to some of my friends in the ministry and I’ve found that the majority of us are feeling extremely stretched. I believe the reason why we’re going through this is because God is taking many of us through a time of a “Jacob transition.”

In Gen.32:24, Jacob finally struggled with God to receive a new thing rather than with men (ex: Jacob stealing birthright from Esau- Gen 25). We need to realize that this is not a struggle that we are having with the enemy/people but this struggle is between us and God. God wants to lead us BACK to that breakthrough place at Bethel with the altar (Genesis 35:1; “Bethel” means house of God and gate of heaven in Gen 28:17) of pure worship (altar represents pure worship from acts of RADICAL obedience, ex: gen 22:9 with sacrificing Isaac, gen 8:20 where Noah sacrificed his reputation to build the ark…etc.) where He can take more possession of or INHABIT our hearts that it would also bless others as well. To get to that Bethel with the altar, there WILL be sacrifice and pain. But our breakthrough means others’ breakthrough.

To get to Bethel where the altar is established in our lives for God’s glory (Gen 35:1 has an altar; Gen 28:17-18 does not have altar but a pillar built with oil), it gets very personal and painful where God is even willing to move the socket of our hip out of place! He really doesn’t care about our reputation, money, ministry or whatever above our relationship with Him and our hearts’ posture. He is a jealous God (Ex 34:14), and He will consume/burn all things that gets in the way of love. If there is anything that He sees that is hindering love, He will destroy it and castrate that part to set us apart for a pure and spotless Bride.

Jacob was a proud man and self-sufficient until he felt he was cornered all around. He would use his old ways to get what he wanted but God had to remove the pride from his heart so he can receive the new name, Israel (which means God prevails/contended), and become a blessing to multitudes.

God is taking us to a new season where He wants to give us a new wineskin and in order to do that, He needs to remove the pride in our hearts. Jacob prevailed because he persevered through the “wrestling” which actually means to make small or bedust in Hebrew (‘abaq- Gen 32:28). We need to come before Him in humility and persevere or struggle with God through this season (the word “struggle” in Gen 32:27 in NKJV is “sarah” which means to persevere or to contend). We need to get smaller than the dust so God can bring glory through our lives.

The way we can go through this season is to contend with God through prayer to remove the pride from our hearts and come before Him in meekness to show us the new way.

I just want to encourage everyone out there who feel they’re going through this to completely trust in God even if it seems you’re about to be dead tight and cornered. Do not move from your place when you have not received the new instructions where to go (looking for a job, going to a new church, taking a jump in/out of the ministry…etc). When we move without God’s timing or His instructions, we become disobedient.Continue to stay the course where you know God has called you and continue to be faithful to the tasks even if you’re confused. If we move without Him, we end up not taking the best that He has for us. Trust in Him that He will make ALL THINGS work out for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28) and obey Him (John 14:15).

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