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LoveHOP Internship Guidelines

Teachability: We ask that every intern have a teachable spirit, a willingness to learn, and that they are sincere in their

pursuit of holiness.

Personal appearance: Each intern is expected to uphold a clean, modest, and non-distracting appearance in how they

dress for all meetings, classes, services, and gatherings throughout the LoveHOP community. We desire to bring glory

Jesus with our bodies and clothing.

Health insurance: Applicants should provide their own health insurance coverage. Neither LoveHOP nor the internship

program will be responsible for covering hospitalization, visits to the doctor, or medications.

Vehicle: Each intern is responsible for their own transportation and timeliness (i.e., punctuality to meetings and classes)

whether they have a vehicle or not. We recommend that each intern have access to a reliable vehicle throughout the


Attendance: Students are expected to attend classes regularly and punctually. The maximum number of absences permitted is four

days. Exceptions to this policy will be made only for extreme circumstances and emergencies. You will potentially be

asked to leave school if you cannot comply to this.


If you are tuning in from your computer to view video teachings, you cannot view more than one teaching in one sitting

in a day. You must also view the week’s worth of video teachings in the same week to keep up with the pace of the class.


Any student who wishes to withdraw from LoveHOP Academy must do the following:

• Arrange an appointment with a staff leader to discuss the reasons for withdrawing from the school.

• For tuition refund information, see the section under Financial Information online.

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