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LoveHOP Academy

LoveHOP has a desire to train all who are called to be radical lovers of God in the prayer movement. Whether one simply desires to understand the prayer movement, bring it back to your local congregation, or get more involved in the LoveHOP and the house of prayer movement on a state or national basis – you will grow in their faith and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

To that end, we have developed an academy designed for those with a call to intercessory prayer, to pray for revival, and to pray for their communities and local churches. The school emphasizes academic principles of God, and by hands-on training – provides an environment to experience the realities of God as witnessed in the Scriptures.

Teachings are integrated within the context of worship, prayer, and fasting. This culture encourages students to take leaps of faith where they are expected to stretch their faith and to grow in the knowledge of God.

Not only are Scriptures taught – but everyone is challenged to live it out.

Academic Overview
Dedicated to 24/7 prayer and equipping those called by God to leadership, LoveHOP school of ministry provides leadership training.

Academy instructors are taught by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers (Ephesians 4:11-12). And, the academy seeks to develop a culture that integrates the realities of everyday life. Personal accountability is done in smaller group settings where transparency, honesty, and confrontations are done in Love.

We place a high value on love, living out the word of God, and learning how to walk in Kingdom power. Students are discipled on these principles. The following provides you a review of what this means for the academy.

Encountering the love of GodWhat does love look like?Loving God through worshipDiscerning God’s voicePurity/holinessMaking love knownRadical lovers marked with radical obedienceHow to study the BibleBeing filled with the Word and SpiritImpact of praying the WordHistory of the prayer movementIntimacy that results in intercessionKingdom authorityServant-leadershipWalking out spiritual authority in loveDeliverance or Inner-healingDream/Vision Interpretation

Academy Structure

The academy is structured with two distinct tracks, or internship programs, that is coupled with Music Academy. The following is a brief description of each.

Fragrance of Love. (3 months)
For interns interested in leadership of roles to lead prayer, outreaches, and more. Candidates are assigned within the area of their calling. They are given hands-on training in prophecy, leading prayer, and deliverance ministry.

Radical Lovers. (6 months)
For interns interested in leadership of roles to lead prayer, outreaches, and more. Candidates are assigned within the area of their calling. They receive hands-on training in prophecy, leading prayer, and doing deliverances. Emphasis is placed on a love relationship with God and one-another. Training includes books and material based on love, word,and power. They include topics on intimacy with God, Song of Songs, holiness, prayer, Kingdom authority, and history of revivals.

Music Academy

This program in the internship gives you practical tools in how to worship God through musical instruments and your voice. Currently, we have teachers that can help you in piano, strings, guitar, and drums.

The internship goes through teachings on music theory (classical, contemporary- jazz & blues), playing music, and sound engineering.

This internship focuses on learning how to worship God through playing instrument and so it goes simultaneously with Fragrance of Love or Radical Lovers. If the intern has taken the internship before, he/she can apply for Music Academy without going through the same application process for the internship.

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