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Love Transformation Teams

Love Tansformation Teams (LTT) is made up of two or three people, preferably all of the same sex, who meet weekly for personal accountability for spiritual growth and development. Our purpose is to encourage each other in the call of God in our lives by being accountable for one another and encourage/prophesy into each other’s lives. They may be people from your local church, your Christian friend(s) at school, or with someone that is networked within LoveHOP. We have a similar vision, which is to contend for Love on earth. We also have a similar mission, which is to speak identity in God into each other’s lives to help transform us to be radical lovers that will impact our sphere of influence with the Love of God. It is recommended that a group not grow past three but rather multiply into two groups of two once the fourth participant has proven faithful to the process. We also want to honor God and love Him wholeheartedly, therefore we commit to God to maintain and live by the highest biblical standard of purity in this generation and to transform our society.

Therefore, we commit to… 

  1. Pray Daily: Spending at least an hour in prayer and the Word.
  2. Fast Weekly: Setting ourselves to fast once a week.
  3. Love Boldly: Loving the ones entrusted to us.
  4. Do Justly: Do works of justice (take care of orphans, widows, etc.)
  5. Give Extravagantly: Give time, resource, and energy. 
  6. Live Holy: Walking out the sermon on the mount, keeping the commandments of God, and living with godly character.

Two tasks are to be done in an LTT:

1. Questions are asked in relation to our commitments (mentioned previously).

2. Encourage and/or prophesy. This can be done in one to three ways: teach the Word of God, pray for each other, and/or prophesy into each other’s lives.

  • When you know God, you know who you are called to be (prince/princess) and what you are called to do (great exploits) (Daniel 11:32).

For details on how to do it, click here.

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