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Looking Back in the Past Year & Vision for the Future

On May 7th, we celebrated our second year anniversary celebration together! Thanks to our LoveHOP-pers and everyone who made it possible! Thanks to David Wiltfong, Vansak Sok, and Ester Qawar for the awesome home-made food! Thanks to many others who brought in other utensils, drinks, ice, and helping us put up and clean up the place (Katzy, Harold, Pheakdey, Nancy, Amee, Kevin Clements, Mady, Juan, Van Nes, Christian, and many others)! For those who were not able to come, you can see view the powerpoint slides here to see what we have been doing in the past year:

Image of LoveHOP Powerpoint
2nd anniversary powerpoint

(SLIDE ABOVE) In the past two years, we have been preparing internally in our house from building this website, implementing accountability groups (Love Transformation Teams), creating stronger culture, and also learning what it means to walk in covenant community.

On July 24th, we started a 40 day fast on the Sabbath Nachamu as we were led by several confirmations from the Lord to do it on that day. In the middle of the fast, we had a revelation of Isaiah 16:5(5 “In mercy the throne will be established; And One will sit on it in truth, in the tabernacle of David, Judging and seeking justice and hastening righteousness.”) as we were asking the Lord how He was going to build His house to be 24/7 prayer and worship. Our fast ended one day before TheCall in Sacramento 2010 in September as we continued to pray for mercy for California. During that time, Chad Taylor came to TheLight church service and began prophecying to us about the part that we are playing in TheCall without knowing that we were doing it. He gave many confirmations that God will be bringing people from everywhere to come and seek His face in Signal Hill. In the middle of the fast, God began downloading revelations of the need to build up His people to build His house to be 24/7 (continual) in prayer and worship in the spirit of the tabernacle of David.  From that place of prayer and fasting, God gave me the blueprint of LoveHOP Academy where I have been building up the staffs alongside with two of our other LoveHOP-pers, David Wiltfong and Katzy Serrano. We have two types of internships, Radical Lovers and Fragrance of Love. From there, our team grew (picture on the right), and we still continue to teach these classes! We have Fragrance of Love three times a year and Radical Lovers two times a year. 

2nd anniversary pic

(Slide above) We also have opportunities to continue to build relationship in our community through things like the Big Bear Camp in Spring Break. We also host other trainings (prophetic/dream interpretation/) including how to do prophetic evangelism as taught by Cathy Greer, my mentor who is the Founder of Mission Support Network. We have seen God touch people’s lives with His love through the trainings as they encounter God’s physical/emotional/spiritual healing.  Our missional focus is greater than our LoveHOP community. It is focused on a movement and mentorship through natural friendships that we have in our sphere of influence.

2nd anniversary

(Slide above) We continue to do ministry with others, not out of the association of ministries that have similar focus, but through friendships and God-given relationships. Our focus in doing the work of ministry is on the people and administration is to cater to the people that we serve, reminding ourselves that each person is important. We continue to hold community outreaches on Sundays where Pheakdey Ung, one of our core leaders, have been leading it for several years. We also recently released the ByName Project in Fall 2010 at CSULB where we are partnering with the campus ministries to make it possible (CRU, Destino, Epic, Navigators). Watch the ByName Project here: We also do prophetic evangelism on the campus and also do prayer outreaches. Recently, we went to the Dalai Lama meeting at CSULB on May 4th to pray that God would release His true light and love in the meeting. From there, we saw the people who attended event getting healed and prophecied over. I had the opportunity to prophesy over two young girls that attended the meeting and said that they were called to come back to the Lord as I called out their giftings that God have given to them. They were greatly encouraged, and one said that she felt like she has been leaving the Lord since she started going to college but felt called back afterward. There was another gal where the Lord spoke to me that she was a student leader at her high school and that God was calling her to seek His face wholeheartedly; from there, God would open doors for her to impact the political arena. She said that she was a student Vice President, and she was going to sign up to be the president next semester. We sow the seeds of the gospel of Christ knowing that it is God’s part to make it grow. We also have seen numerous healings that have taken place, like Andy’s case: 

2nd anniversary pic

(Slide above) We give advice, mentor, and just simply be friends with people that God gives to us that have resulted in movement of unity on the campus like CSULB among the student leaders. The key relationships throughout the past five years and the recent Tuesday nights phone calls in Spring 2011 among the students leaders (Navigators, Campus Crusade for Christ, Destino) have resulted in increased unity among the students as they become more on fire for the Lord. LoveHOP have also been a place where students have encountered the Lord powerfully that caused them to live in the lifestyle of prayer and also to go out. From there, we have been able to provide resources, host, and/or been involved in unity events and prayer movements like Movemement133, Spring 2011 Prayer Walk that have resulted in media coverage, and Refresh 2011 at CSULB. More recently, I have been able to speak into the Berkeley House of Prayer up in UC-Berkeley that recently opened and also sending our teachings/resources to help them build His house in Berkeley. I have also been able to help continue send resources and speak more personally into two key leaders in Alexandria, Egypt in my mission trip in Egypt with David and a few others that resulted in a planting of a house of prayer in Alexandria. Our house continues to give them spiritual support through prayer.

anniversary pic

 (Slide above) We continue to be compelled by God’s Love to take leaps of faith and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as we pursue excellence in everything that we do. We do all things as though we do it unto the Lord. For that reason, we have made LoveHOP Academy completely free andrcontinue to expand it by holding lessons in guitar, piano, and violin. God also recently called us to give spiritual support and covering where we mentor, empower, and streghten the leaders of the apostolic support network that is growing on the campus that exists to strengthen one another, give vision to the work of God on the campus, and help each other do His work on the campus as He leads.  

2nd anniversary

(Slide Above) We continue to build key relationships and friendships throughout California and around the world as the Lord opens the door for us. We believe that everything and everyone that we need is right next to us. Everyone that we need are the ones that we have knowing that it is important to have relationships with diversity of ministries (apostolic church planting ministries, prayer ministries, evangelistic ministries, outreach ministries, and other churches) to have a healthy balance in our own culture.

anniversary pic

(Slide above) Our great plan is to be taking over the world with the Love of God! In the very-possible-near-future, we will be praying into getting the blueprint for organic churches on the campus at CSULB, fast for 40 days this upcoming Wednesday, produce the best-that-we-can-do video, send Pheakdey Ung to Cambodia for ministry work, praying for a new building, and encounter more of the Lord! It sounds really big, so we just keep reminding ourselves to keep loving God and loving people every day believing that God will strengthen us in the secret place and as we stay in community with one another. 

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