Director's Welcome

Director's Welcome to Leaders & Visitors





Dear Ministry Leaders and Friends,


Thank you so much for your interest in coming to Love House of Prayer (LoveHOP)! We love meeting new faces and especially being able to get to know you as a friend. We hope that your visit will become a part of a growing network of lovers that are extolling the name of Jesus Christ on the earth perpetually for 24/7.

One of LoveHOP's primary calling is to establish a perpetual prayer/worship ministry that goes on non-stop for 24 hours a day, seven days a week to Love on God as we also love on the ones next to us. We desire to see spiritual transformations of the hearts of the people that will shift the physical world! Our mission is to raise radical lovers to impact the earth with the Love of God in such a way where non-believers may come to know Him and believers to realize their inheritance in God. But, we are not meant to establish this part of the 24/7 prayer ministry reality alone.

In essence, we have been led by the Lord to offer internship programs through LoveHOP Academy and also build the house by coming together to pray/worship corporately from different local churches (testimonies of what other ministries/churches are saying). LoveHOP Academy is designed to develop spiritual reformers that have a lifestyle of prayer and fasting to impact their sphere of influence with the Love, the Word, and the Power of God. In many ways, we are a spiritual support to the local churches and our cities when we come together in unity under the banner of Love.

The exciting part is that God is not doing this just throughout California in this hour, but also throughout the world from Kansas City (International House of Prayer), to South Korea (the Prayer Mountain), and throughout Church history (Tabernacle of David, Switzerland in St. Maurice in 515AD, Moravian Prayer Movement in 1700AD, Saint Columbanus in France and Italy in 559AD, etc.).

So come and pray, encounter God's heart for ourselves and others, grow in your intimacy with the Lord, strengthen your local church, and lets contend for Love in the Greater Long Beach area with the Lord, the Word, and the Power of God. To check out our corporate prayer meetings and upcoming events, go to our calendar. I would like to recommend you to come on Saturday nights at 7:00pm for prayer/worship. If you have been looking for a church, some of us are also a dedicated church body that meets on Sunday nights at 7:00pm or you can ask us for recommendations of churches that we know relationally throughout California. And if you need prayer (healing, encouragement, spiritual support), you can set an appointment with one of our trained staffs through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to our corporate prayer times if you need a quick prayer. We do love praying for new faces, and we welcome you and everyone with open arms from every walk of life even if you don't believe in God.


Faithfully yours in Jesus Christ,

Tammy Dao

Director of Love House of Prayer (LoveHOP)