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May you be strengthened in your faith unto God, and be powerful witnesses filled with His compassion!
Revelation 12:11 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death."

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Tammy Dao

Tammy Dao

I have a passion to know the Love of God for myself and for others. A big part of the vision that God has given to me for believers is that they would know their identity or inheritance in God. It is just not "what" we are inheriting but the "who" that makes all the difference. (The answer is God by the way!) Also, I desire to see radical lovers raised in every sphere of influence that would lead non-believers to know Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit. God is helping me realize that this vision He has placed in my life cannot become reality unless I'm willing to partner with Him in my prayer to release His will on earth and to follow Him wherever He leads!

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Many of you got our very old "Welcome Email" from years ago of where we used to meet from one of our board member, Amee Nguyen. My apologies if this brought confusion. We have not met at Hope Community church building for at least five years. I had done a mail merge, and it had triggered three "Welcome Email" automations that I didn't know was there. Moving forward, I believe we will be going into a "new-normal" where we will be meeting with individuals where they grow/work/play organically, and the Church will be most effective outside of our common church walls in this growing God-wave. I love what the Lord has been doing through Saturate OC in Huntington Beach. Check it out and get involved or get connected with other believers!

LoveHOP is going through a major transition to get rid of the old systems and also to prepare for the new. There will be a lot of revamping of the ministry, and I'll be focusing more of my efforts in the next few months until October 1st to preparing for the new. During this time until October 1st, I'll be mostly empowering others, while I'll be giving myself to prayer to hear clearly from the Lord, and also to prepare for the new. As we receive clarity, you will be notified. Currently, our Sunday nights church services will continue on Sundays at 6:30pm starting on August 2nd. I have had to take a break/sabbatical for the past few months conveniently at the height of the COVID. To read more, read below [1]. LoveHOP has always had a call to be a training center, and several individuals have had dreams of others driving out with their own cars this past season at different times. The approaches in response to the dreams remind me of several swarms of bees flying out that I saw in front of my house shortly after. The cars many times signifies a maturity in their lives as a leader or a spiritual father/mother. Sometimes, the Lord matures individuals notably for their love for others naturally, and no one will get a dream of them having a car. LoveHOP has also always been called to be a resource to other ministries/denominations/marketplace leaders, and it began with our prayers. I have encouraged some of these individuals to go as far as adopting these churches as their home church and be faithful to also tithe or give unto the Lord. The Lord knows and remembers each one of our names (Isa. 49:15,16), while some other families change their family name from history like Hitler out of shame, except one, while the women in the Body of Christ change their last names out of honor. However, the best missionaries in the Body of Christ are many times ones that have their names hidden for the sake of the gospel. Hopefully some of us can party about it later when things settle down within a month or two. Moving forward, our remaining ones will be preparing for the "NEW-NORMAL."



Introducing the New:

  • I have a new virtual assistant, named Seemi. I am considering of hiring another one.
  • We have a new phone number: +1 (562)202-5584. Go ahead & send a text to say, "Hello," or a prayer request.
  • New virtual office: 3780 Kilroy Ave, Suite #200, PMB 282, Long Beach, CA 90806. You can send all donations and other mails here, and our old PO Box will be redirected to our new mailing address.
  • New office hours: 11am-4pm Tues/Wed/Fri.
  • Join our church services via zoom using our Personal Meeting ID: 562-202-5584.


The New Things that will be launched:

  • We will have a new lovehop.org website, launched by October 1st.
  • We will be praying in for additional stronger team of full-time advisors to prepare for the new wineskins and also the revamping.


Some of my personal callings:

  • "Detox Beta 3" will be coming out, which is the simplified version of God's healing and deliverance/freedom training through my life that also places into consideration the necessary boundaries for sustainable breakthrough. It will include a list of questions to help facilitate for group prayer meetings, specifically for freedom & healing. I'll be adding that into my "prayer menu" folder, which hopefully will become an app. Detox Beta 3 will be the cheapest cost but it has been the costliest in my life unto the Lord. The cost is to fund and pay for the app among other administrative costs.
  • The Detox training website at 4daysfreedom.com will be online hopefully by December. Discounts will be available for full-time missionaries & also part-time pastors. I'll make the trainings available to be sold and distributed to others for those who have gone through it successfully. The training has shown significant success particularly for healing and freedom for purity and break the bondage of sexual immorality, though it can be tweaked in small ways for all types of bondages. My greatest hope and desire is that everyone will go into their God-given potential and do what the Lord has called them without any hindrances.
  • I believe the Lord has called me to mobilize for global prayer. It seems God is doing this through several or potentially many ministries in America. I will be casting vision and scouting for a team who has been called to that as well. I believe the Lord has created and made me for this very purpose. I do not believe this will take away the call for LoveHOP to have a 24/7 prayer in Signal Hill but will escort or add into it in the future.



This past year has been the most hardest but also most fascinating season in my life so far with God. It is a treasure and I have made efforts to celebrate or rejoice for these trials! I pray it happens to everyone!! Our past LoveHOP team was getting complete complimentary words in prayer on every small thing that it sounded like we couldn't agree with each other. However, I believe it was the rainbow of colors of the way God was speaking to His people, and if I could summarize it, He was saying something like, "Do whatever is in your personal conviction from Him" to each person, including me. His people hears His voice. 


The Lord speaks in multiple ways to His people. I believe the different ways that He speak can be summarized in John 5 on four types of witnesses of God: the Scripture, the Love of the Father in other's lives, the burning and shining lamp believer that has a heart like John the Baptist, and the fruits/works of a person delivering whatever God calls them personally is the greatest witness of God. I have been specifically faithful in one way of hearing God for directions and also for words of knowledge for over 13 years and have made little adjustments to it. I began discovering something very fascinating! (Side Note: The wineskin/system has been very accurate in pin-pointing whatever the issues that need to be addressed or that should be celebrated for at least ten years. Many times, we should get confirmations and advice from other seasoned leaders before moving forward prophetically on big life-changing ideas. Over ten years ago, I had an idea that has birthed this particular wineskin in my walk with God! The idea was simply to ask God a question - whatever it is you want to talk to Him about - wait for Him to speak to your heart (test yourself to see if you can trust your discernment and ask the question, "Have I forgiven this person/situation or no? What fruit of forgiveness have I shown in the recent past in this specific context?"), and ask Him to give you a Scripture or a verse to confirm what has been given to you through that still small voice. If whatever Scripture He gave me was confirming what I sensed in my Spirit after I tested it, then I would proceed to obey it, which may also simply mean to pray more or to keep within my heart. If it was something I didn't have wisdom or knowledge of from the individual/situation naturally or that I discerned in my spirit, I would not proceed to do it or proceed with caution. Whatever I have been describing started right before TheNextCon started, and it started with finding out I had made one mistake in assuming that God was going to speak to me the same way, and it was regarding Jessie Cruickshank. After the conference and giving birth to my third baby, I found her scrolling through for a few minutes through Starling Initiatives, based on my prophetic journey with God over the past 13 years. The prophetic journey can be summarized to be connected to the word "Evergreen," revival, the founding of America, Ford, and it is connected to the idea of spiritual family. Many others in the Body of Christ have had similar words connected to messages called, "Revival is Family," and "An Appeal to Heaven" (well communicated by Dutch Sheets).


Neil Cole had brought up for our team to host Jessie Cruickshank at our TheNextCon conference first in 2019, and I prayed and had received a very horrible word about her. It was so odd and horrible that I just dismissed it, like I did in the past. I couldn't pick up any emotional cues or discern, thinking that it just simply meant that I wasn't hearing right from God. As we began praying over other individuals, especially ones that I knew, like Cheryl Allen, I began quickly realizing that it was the call in their lives to go against those very thing I was receiving in my spirit. Cheryl ended up not responding to my invitation, but the Lord used the same ministry to tell me to keep going. The more horrible the word I was getting from the Scripture, the stronger the calling to go against it if it pertains to an individual! It was like God hid a diamond in a useless rock! This reminded me of heaven. I have gone to heaven in a trance or a vision multiple times, and one of the times, the Lord was so pleased that I had noticed the tiniest door in heaven that felt extremely powerful around 2009! I almost passed by it, dismissing it, but I looked back and God began speaking to me about the door. He said, "All kings want what's behind that door, but only those who are small enough can get what's behind it." He was talking about those who are meek will inherit the earth. If we are too prideful or our head is too big, we will not be able to hear what the Spirit is saying to us in our lives. God definitely talks to me about that using others or to me directly. So yeah. Consider this my apology statement as well publicly if I have said or anything hurtful in my ventures, making efforts to follow the Lord especially in the last year or whenever I have given birth. With everything that was happening, I definitely started to get kind of controlling especially towards my own family and cussing, almost like a sailor. Thank you for being my biggest supporters and showing me God's grace as well in every way - my parents, my husband and kids. Thank you for the leaders who have come alongside to also help me through this journey & prepare for the next as well. I am thankful for the past two months of sabbatical. However, God has been doing great things in the Family of God! I was able to "look back" to find out where I may have made a mistake and discovered a diamond when I tried to figure out where I may have dismissed something that it could not be from God or my bad mistake.


I had the privilege of interviewing Jessie Cruickshank in May as well as watching her videos on the ways the brain works organically with consideration of trauma several times in December of 2019. I realized that she has been doing something for the past four to six years or so that I was able to just recently roll out with the ideas the Lord have been giving to me the past ten years. I was able to put it into a group context through prayer right before COVID happened in March. This will be Detox Beta 3, probably renamed later. The very word she started out with about Ford being evil, I realized was a complimentary application/wineskin that God has been doing through her life and also mine. Whatever that sounded contradicting is actually the other side of the same coin, which shows that we serve the same awesome God. She has been pushing the boundaries to quicken for healing and restoration in God in different layers, and it's beautiful in Jesus! I highly recommend watching these videos and pray about implementing some of these ideas and what that can look like with you in your own life or church:





One of my favorite ministries that has started to take flight in the midst of COVID is called "Starling Initiatives," initiated by Neil Cole. I believe it has great potential to be atomically powerful across the globe to make the name of Jesus great. There are a line-up of spiritual grandfathers or great-great grandfathers that are among some of the best in the world all in one convenient place as well as spiritual mothers that are making its way into the group. I love the vision for it to provide a space to allow other spiritual fathers to connect with other Christ-followers. Imagine its potential if there are fun prophetic people that come in and begin to prophesy in the group! Check it out and sign up. It's opened for free only for a short time.


When I had prayed for it, I had received that it was an Isaiah 4 moment, with an emphasis on verse 1 for Starling. The Scripture says, "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, 'We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by your name, to take away our reproach." Our Church is in great need of spiritual fathers, and it's still lacking I believe because of even a generational setback through our wars. Godly spiritual mothers will strengthen and encourage the work of God through the maturing spiritual fathers to see them thrive to see them thrive and step within their calling in the Lord. I imagine that even within Starling, the Lord may even give a sign hat a female will leave her own organization that the Lord called her to start, and begin to even serve the vision of Starling Initiatives. If that happens, it will be a sign of a tipping point for souls to be exponentially saved, there will be many more females like sevenfold sent into the harvest to start organic churches through it, and there will be of course also an increase of those who will be a part of Starling Initiatives and also God's call through that vehicle. 


Pray with me. "Lord God, I pray and agree for millions to be saved worldwide and hundreds of thousands of new organic churches to start all across the globe through Starling Initiatives and those involved in it. Raise up hundreds of thousands of spiritual fathers, and 'ekballo' and endue your daughters with Your Power from on high for Your sake. Amen."  






Some of our former missionaries have branched forward to start new ministries or continued in their calling with another that the Lord is leading them. The way it has looked reminds me of a swarm of bees that fly out several times in a span of a month with different queen bees leading. Actually, I didn't know about bees at all until this happened in front of my house. It caused a few empty hives to be filled with new bees in our neighborhood! Our whole neighborhood was getting reports of new bees swarming into their hives. This made my hired bee-keeper quite jolly while he shared that some of our neighbors were freaking out, including me initially. If I was honest, I did ponder about dissolving LoveHOP and starting another new thing, but I waited to see if the Lord would give instructions, because Love waits. Some of the intercessors from PiHOP directed by Cheryl Allen, one of my favorite ministries out there, reached out to me out of the blue within a few days after my prayer time. They began prophesying about the girl/man on the white horse, which is our logo, including the call for international ministry. Actually, this past season, the Lord has placed in my heart to help mobilize for global prayer that started culminating with several other key prophetic words the past eight years, so the word for global ministry really resonated in my heart. All of this is to say that I know there has been a lot of changes, and changes can look scary at times, especially in a mostly prophetic community. However, we need to trust in the Lord, and pray even more that the Lord of the harvest will send forth more laborers into the harvest field. This is that time… [Previously we had a letter written from one of our former missionaries that have continued with Assemblies of God in Montana but somehow our system removed it.]





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Different houses of prayer leaders recently met together last week in Brea to raise some of the issues that some have noticed within the community. Some of these questions were raised within the context of understanding that there was one Levitical priestly tribe out of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Levites were called to minister unto the Lord. Their ministry is likened to the houses of prayer today who acts as priests through Jesus Christ that will stand on behalf of the people asking for God’s mercy for the land and for God to heal His people that would usher in the outpouring of God’s Spirit (Acts 2:17, 18; Joel 2). Some of the questions raised were, “Why is it that the business people don’t feel connected to the house of prayer? What does the model look like for those with career? What does it look like for everyone else but they are called to work?” Some of our leaders, David Wiltfong, Joshua, and I talked about it afterward, and these are some of our inputs.

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Mady Anich got completely healed of pain during eating/drinking. She has gone through numerous doctors but she recently got healed in the name of JESUS!!! She has been able to sustain that healing through staying grounded on Truth and her identity in Christ!


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Alejandro Valles… or Alex is going to be doing a music set with the FMLYBND at the US Open of Surfing in the upcoming August 5! He was one of our Radical Lovers interns, and I am so proud of him! One of the songs that they will be doing will have a phrase, “Let Love arise,” and they will be proclaiming that over thousands of people in the surf culture.

I’m personally proud of Alex’s heart in how he has sought for reconciliation and God’s love with the relationships that he has been building. He is going through the process of becoming a spiritual father, and he has been standing his grounds on the Word.

Anyone else coming? Lets come support the FMLYBND, and also declare God’s love over the surf culture world.

Thursday, July 25 at 4PM 


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-          I was doing preparations, planning, and execution for a camp retreat… a REAL camp RETREAT with a small core team from Northern and Southern CA from several young adult churches from the Bay Area and also in LA basin.

-          RESULTS: About 26 people in attendance, kayaking, tent camping, tree hugging, heart-healing, resting, water splashing, burning hearts worship, awesome feast (steak for camp??!!! Cooked by our awesome chef John Tran), $1 over budget, tear jerking encounters with God, identity restoration and restored, minimal complaints (highway traffic at night), and… I don’t know… God??!! GOD was in the HOUSE in our laughters and joy as we embraced each other’s different facets of God!

Photo: Tent camping... Tree huggers and kayakers.


-          Engaged, marriage preparation, training, training, training, learning God, and then fun and eat.

-          Praying/Fasting & preparing for training/equipping in the past few months with a new badge of rising leaders in areas of inner healing/deliverance, identity restoration, and will be heading toward glory encounter with God as we release the Power of the Holy Spirit. Part of the healing is also FUN!!

RESULTS: suicidal missionary healed, more people getting healed physically and spiritually in families/friends/personal lives, joyful faces and worshipful culture, people making/keeping/giving more money/tithe/firstfruits, healthier marriage with future babies coming soon, people loving and embracing those who are different than them and giving grace where it is needed and exemplify/pray for those that needs it, etc.

Photo: Charlie's angels bday girls and Aisha's new move to Texas!

Photo: He just put a ring on it :)


-          Dying to your flesh/desires/dreams, resurrecting with joy, and blessing/releasing people into calling

-         RESULTS: spiritual legacy video of CSULB, Tiffa Lu was invited to lead the house of prayer with Impact Church, Katzy Serrano was invited to speak at my young adult church, Harold Huang started an organic church at his house, Nancy/Juan got married and moved to AZ to do something spectacular, and it was also followed by training for radical lovers for 6 months to raise new core leaders in which Alex Valles is now also running around and doing worship encounters.


Organized different Christian clubs representatives/people to worship together for 40 hours and prayed for each other on campus!



Gathering, planning, and supporting the Christian clubs together for ONE night of worship and prayer for people to encounter God, worship God, and encourage each other:



Directed, produced, and edited the Spiritual Legacy of CSULB shown at the ONE event:

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I went to a Messianic Church today with Joshua, and it was quite refreshing to be with Alina Bohm and the Jewish people. It was the first day of Sukkot or the day of the Feast of Tabernacles according to the rabbi. (I think the exact timing is arguable maybe?) Sukkot is a time where the people of God are commanded to make their pilgrimage to the temple.

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I recently went to South Coast Plaza recently to hang out with Joshua, and I had an interesting conversation with a make-up artist about a dream of heaven that she received. I was walking through when a make-up artist from Chanel asked me if I wanted to get make-up. I have never done it before but I was feeling in a free mood. So I decided to sit down and get make-up done for the first time. I forgot her name but she began sharing to me how to take care of my skin better as she put on a lot of different type of make-up. Afterward, she asked me what I do for a living and I shared that I oversee a church or house of prayer. She then shared to me that she had a dream that happened about a week or two ago.

In her dream, there was a gushing water coming down. The way she was describing it sounded like a waterfall. The gushing water began parting into the left and the other one to the right. Coming from the middle of the gushing water were the twelve disciples that were approaching her. There was also Mary or the mother of Jesus Christ that came toward her with them. Jesus Christ came in the middle of them, and she said that he was a very beautiful man. His eyes were vibrant green or spring green color. He had on a long robe that was vibrant gold. He told her that He was coming back soon and that we must get ready. He also told her that He loves her very much. She kneeled before Him and she held onto His hand, kissing it and affectionately told him that she loves him so much, too. In that moment, the phone rang in real life, and she said that every time that she would share it, she would get goosebumps.

She goes to the church sometimes but it’s exciting how God is speaking to many people about His promised return. Isn’t it awesome? Lets get ready for God’s return and continue praying for Him to encounter people everywhere!

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Sometimes we can get so charged up in doing things for God that we forget the best place. The one thing that God desires is us. We cannot offer to God anything except our love. It is the most unique, and it is irreplaceable. Even though God gives us different inheritance, He also wants to see where we see our fulfillment. Is it from the ministry? Is it from the house that we get or the land that we have? There is a great pleasure in His heart when we say, "God, you are my inheritance." Have you ever wondered if God has an inheritance? There is absolutely nothing that He doesn't have, but the one thing He leaves as a choice is our love. Our love for Him is His inheritance (Psa. 28:9, Psa. 33:12). He says this to those who minister to Him, "It shall be, in regard to their inheritance, that I am their inheritance. You shall give them no possession in Israel, for I am their possession" (Ezek. 44:28).

If you are one who ministers to His heart, and then you suddenly run after something else, He will do everything to remove anything that hinders Love. His Beloved is not to be a slave to a ministry or to a title. When He calls us, He calls us into friendship and as His Bride unto Himself. God is not ministry work. Lay everything asides for a moment, and let God in every day.  

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Is the Word of God really the living and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword that we believe in? When I think about a sword that pierces through joints and marrow, I think about something that never looks the same nor can retain its form. The person who gets a sword pierced through them bleeds profusely or they die, especially like the way the word of God is being portrayed (Heb. 4:12). If the Word of God living and powerful, then why are we the same unless the true Word of God has not been revealed in great depths in our time and land yet?

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I'm thinking of sharing some of my notes or my thoughts in some of my readings in the Bible to bless you or encourage you. Right now, I'm doing a deep study on the book of Revelation, but I'm also going through short passages in other Scriptures to help balance the intensity of the book of Revelation. The Lord recently spoke to my heart to teach on the book of Revelation, which is probably going to take three to six months in preparation before I share it publicly, but I also would like to continue on the book of the gospels that I have been going through (Matthew-John). I'm on John right now, so join me to have your faith strengthened through the Scriptures!

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Yesterday, (at the MacArthur Park where some of friends and I do community dinner at 4pm) there was an older Hispanic lady that got healed, and I will share later why that is significant for her. I want to tell a little of her story because it was definitely unique and heart-touching. Her husband died two years ago, and she took in her best friend who was left out in the streets with the two grand-daughter and another daughter. We'll call her Mina, her best friend - Anna, and the best friend's daughter- Jessica.

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I recently just shared a response to a friend of mine who was asking about energy healings and raiki and if she should get involved in it as a Christian. I wanted to share to you a response that I have for her from a real meeting that I had with a man that was practicing that, to also encourage you, and to give you perspective to the nature of God.

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So many things have been happening since my return from Virginia, and I have decided to share on two things because of its impact in my own heart with God. One is about WEEHOOT and the other one is about a new believer that is getting baptized this Friday.

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The Lord called me recently to go on a trip to Virginia for national reconciliation so that God’s house of prayer would be established from the west to the east coast of America and to receive an impartation from Reinhard Bonnke for signs, miracles, and wonders in the Body of Christ. The LoveHOP-pers sent me out to join in with the Awaken the Dawn Conference and also TheCall VA for this purpose, and the trip was a huge blessing to our house and me. I had several great conversation throughout the trip. One was with a taxi cab driver that thought I was sent for another trail of bad luck in his life only to be convinced that our meeting was from God. Another was with a young man that heard the gospel for the first time, accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and he introduced to the Holy Spirit in an airplane. Another main one was with a younger man name Joshua that was looking for true happiness. During the time at Awaken the Dawn, I heard several sobering prophetic words from legit prophetic voices in the Body of Christ from Fredericksburg that were confirmational to many of the words we were getting at LoveHOP as well. As we were preparing to do prayer at TheCall VA, the Lord also gave me such an encouragement to pray for the next generation of consecrated ones when I realized that the dream that I had of them in 2009 of the room was the same room that I was standing in with Eddie Brown and Lou Engle as shown in the dream. I was also greatly honored to stand with such great women and men leaders in the Body of Christ when God ordained a divine appointment for all of us to meet at a place for reconciliation in our nation where Mary Ball Washington (the mother of George Washington) would pray for the nation. The following are the details, and if you are short on time, I would encourage reading about "Awaken the Dawn Conference" and the "Divine Appointment for Reconciliation for Our Nation" sections.





When I booked the flight tickets, I realized afterward that I somehow mis-read some of the information and that some of the extra trips I will be taking will be an inconvenience; however, I was so wrong, and I am so glad that it was the Lord that booked my tickets. I arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, which is about three hours away from my destination on a late Tuesday night on May 22nd. I booked a place at a hostel in Baltimore, and it was about 12 minutes away from the BWI airport. I was hoping to have God-conversations with some of the people at the hostel. The best option was to take a taxi cab in the middle of the night to stay overnight at the hostel and head to my destination in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


When I came out from the BWI airport, there were Middle-Eastern men who were surrounding me and compelling me to take their taxi. I finally decided to go with one of the companies. There was an older man who was driving a van from that company, and he said that he would take me. I felt a sickness inside, and I felt God wanted me to take a different one. So I was scanning around, and I pointed at a younger man for me to drive his car. At that moment, all of the men started to be emotionally unraveled in a weird way. Some of them laughed really hard as though they were mocking, and some of them looked so perplexed with their mouths opened. I thought I just did something really wrong but I just ignored it and went along for the ride.


As we were driving together, the taxi man questioned me why I picked him and was mumbling to himself as though something very tragic just happened. I asked him why he was so frustrated, and he began telling me that his life is followed by a trail of bad luck. He remarked that the night was another proof that Allah does not have favor on his life. He had only made $10 the whole day, since it costs $100 to rent the taxi. The older man with the van wanted to help him by offering to take me to my destination so he could take his customer to Washington DC to get over $100, instead of $30 if he had taken me. So when I picked his taxi, their plans were ruined but I believe that God wanted to intervene and touch His life like how Elijah was used to touch the widow’s unfortunate life (1 Kings 17:10-16).


So I began telling him that it was Jesus Christ that wanted to touch His life, and the Lord would bring me to places purposefully so He can encounter them because He has sent me on a mission. I told him that God wanted to show Him that Jesus Christ is God. He began telling me about his faith, how he couldn’t be frustrated at me cause I have been so sweet to him, and I began praying for him at the end. I am believing that the Lord answered my prayer for his life and that his eyes are being opened to the gospel.


I arrived to the hostel, and I slept for six hours to wake up the next day to take the Amtrak to Fredericksburg, VA. On the Amtrak, I met a really nice African American man, and we had great conversations about life, God, and our traveling experiences.





I was very encouraged by the faith and the things that God was doing in the East Coast, especially among the younger generation. David Bradshaw, the Director at the Prayer Furnace for Fredericksburg, is only thirty years old, and God was using him alongside with his father, Scott Bradshaw, to be an example of the blessings from God that comes from multi-generational involvement. Scott has been a pastor for about twenty five years, a man marked by meekness and love, and him and his son with a few other younger leaders started the house of prayer together for about three years. Their pool of wisdom from the Lord and the love of God in their lives bore forth amazing fruits. They have about over two hundred part-time and full-time staff intercessory missionaries, and they are all so genuine in their pursuit for God with much unity among themselves even among Virginia that is spreading.


Many of the words that were shared were confirmations that what the Lord was doing in CA were also happening in the East Coast or in our nation. Randy Martinez, the twenty-six years old co-director for the Prayer Furnace and a very rare prophetic messenger, shared several dreams and one of them impressed on my heart greatly that he shared on Sunday.


Randy had a dream where it was spoken, “The transitional generation is in need of the prophetic voice. Jeremiah 23:18.” That was spoken about three times in the dream, and it ended with, “This generation will not respond to this.” (I forgot some of the details of the dream. One of the details of the dream included that the church was blasting out promotional materials that was irrelevant for a generation to encounter God.) Another key word for me was from Benjamin Atkinson.


He shared to about a hundred to two hundred prayer leaders from around the nation at the House of Prayer Love Feast on Sunday, May 27 a word that he generalized from a series of dreams that he received. He said that the reason why the stonewall of prayer (rooted from Nehemiah 4) was not being established from the West to the East Coast of America is because we are in need for true consecration/holiness and that we need to pray for our president. I had actually forgotten and was not thinking of marking, or writing, that down on my notepad, and I only remembered one of the two issues that is facing the Body of Christ. I began going around asking three leaders what the other issue was to mark it on my notepad besides the need to pray for our President before I got an answer from David Bradshaw. All of the three leaders around the nation had already forgotten what Benjamin said and I knew many of us in the room did not mark it down or write it. I’m not quite sure how many people remembered that word if we consider it as being from God and urgent. I thought that it was interesting that it happened on Memorial Day and that the dream Randy Martinez received about Jeremiah 23:18 was true of us.


“For who has stood in the counsel of the Lord, and has perceived and heard His word? Who has marked His word and heard it?” I believe it was another sign that our nation is a tickle-ear generation because of the issue of consecration. David Bradshaw told me that Benjamin shared the two key issues because of a series of dreams that he received from the Lord. I am praying that the Lord would teach us meekness and the ways of love. However, where we lacked because of the works of the flesh, the Lord would cover us in love through the sons of Zadok-type of believers (Ezekiel 44).





On Friday, May 25 Lou Engle invited the leaders to come together that would be speakers or will be doing prayer on the stage in preparation for TheCall Virginia the next day on Saturday. There were about seventy people in the room, and at the end of the meeting guideline Lou asked for us to begin to be in prayer for the children or the next generation of Nazirites that would be raised up. Several us began praying for TheCall among other things but Eddie Brown, one of the spiritual sons of Lou and the Director for the Justice House of Prayer in San Diego, began praying for the children. I talked to Eddie afterward, reminding him of a dream that the Lord gave to me to encourage him about the Nazirites.


I had a dream in 2009 or late 2008 about the Lord raising about fifty consecrated children around the world, and they were selfless lovers of God, always giving glory to the Lord in everything movement that they made. In the beginning of the dream, I saw a gate of golden heads, like humans, that were praying in tongues. The gate opened, and I entered in to see a throne in the front in this small room that had two columns and five rows of wooden chairs. I saw Eddie, Lou Engle, Jake Hamilton, Heidi Baker, and a few others that were praying for the next young consecrated generation. They were crying out before a throne, and the Lord sitting on the throne looked at me in the dream. He told me that these children that I saw behind the intercessors were more precious than any precious jewels in this world. He shared to me that the world is about to see the next great shakers of the earth, and Lou is just a taste of what we are about to see in this next generation of abandoned lovers of Jesus. As I was sharing this dream again to Eddie, and also reminding him how the Lord confirmed it in his life at the LoveTent in 2009 to encourage him, I realized that the room was what I saw in the dream. We were so excited together, and we stayed there talking about God calling us to charge in the message about covenant in the Church.


Afterward, Eddie conversed with Faytene Grasseschi, the leader for TheCry in Canada, and Rob who recently moved to Phoenix, AZ. They shared about what they have been learning in marriage and how to keep the vow of their covenant. Rob shared that it is much easier to think that you are a loving person when you live alone until you are exposed of the weaknesses in marriage. Faytene agreed and said that it was much easier to be selfish when you are by yourself, living for your own dreams, until you get married. I began asking them some questions about marriage, and Rob encouraged me to read a book called “Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make us Holy More Than To Make Us Happy” written by Gary Thomas. During the time in preparation for TheCall Virginia, some of us from the house of prayer leaders in California shared about the bridge of connection from the West to the East Coast.


We generally saw the significance of serving, blessing, and asking for forgiveness for our pride toward the East Coast when we do it later on stage with Scott Bradshaw and Benjamin Atkinson on Saturday. Some of the leaders from CA that were called to go to be there and were able to go included Jim Stillwell (IHOP East Bay in North CA), Nick Parnell (Revival House of Prayer, previously known as Rock House of Prayer), Roger Joyner, David Lee & Ramone (Daniel Company), Jason and Kristen Robillard (Camp Cedar Lake), Davis Hill, Eddie Brown (JHOP-SD), others that I may not have seen, and me. Davis Hill represented for CA and Scott Bradshaw represented for VA on stage. The reconciliation time was God-ordained as we engaged throughout the whole day. A key word that the Lord was releasing was that God is building His stonewall of prayer, deriving from Nehemiah 4, extending from the West Coast to the East Coast. While we were on stage, Eddie and I noticed a little girl on the bottom of the stage, Eddie picked her up, and the little girl smiled and extended her arms toward me for me to carry her.



(Ramone praying for the marketplace leaders. It was as intense as this picture.)

(David Lee also praying for the marketplace leaders.)


(We love children! She had beautiful eyes. I think she is mix.)


(David Bradshaw is the man extending his hand in prayer for those in the West Coast as he is representing the East Coast from Virginia.)




Jason and Kristen Robillard, Mary Leonard (Senior Chaplain for Crisis Relief International or CRI), and I wanted to go see the rock where Mary Ball Washington had prayed throughout her life. Mary Washington was the mother of George Washington, and she was a woman of prayer for our nation, her son, and during the Revolution in US. When we got there, we just realized God had some divine appointments for us to bring for deeper reconciliation for our nation and with the Jews.


Rosemary Schindler (related to Oskar Schindler, the one who saved over 1000 Jews during the Holocaust), Catherine Paine, Chief G. Anne Richardson (Chief from the Rappahannock tribe), Teri Buck (Director of the Joseph Project), Carol, and Deborah were praying together in the gap of the rock that had split in two to pray for our nation and reconciliation. When Mary Leonard, Jason and Kristen, and I arrived, we saw Scott Bradshaw that had also driven there and was watching the prayer meeting. They were finishing up, and I asked for us to pray again for our nation that the stonewall of prayer from Nehemiah 4 would be established, realizing that this was one of the main assignments that God had called for me to be a part of.


The elder ladies were women of honor, so much meekness, and people of God’s love, and it was wonderful that there was so much unity in our thinking in where we need to stand in prayer for our nation. We were trying to figure out where we should stand on the divided rock that symbolized America, and Rosemary amusingly remarked, “The dirty waters on the left side of the rock is probably the West Coast of CA.” “In that case,” I responded, “I should stand with you.” The other ladies also were trying to figure out what to do. Catherine Paine (Cathy), the one the Lord called to pray to move to the East Coast to pray for our nation for over twenty years and helped launched TheCall and Lou Engle into the calling, decided to stand between the two rocks. (She previously lived in the West Coast and then moved to the East Coast.) She did that to symbolize the covering that she was called to for our nation as we were praying in Fredericksburg, VA, the place where the most Americans had died during the Civil War. We believe that the rock began taking a physical form of our nation that is still divided today because of certain areas that lacked reconciliation toward the Native Americans, Jews that were assaulted during WWII when our nation refused them as refugees, and the division in the Church because of lack of true spiritual mothers and fathers between the older and younger generation. Cathy was holding Chief Anne’s hand who was standing on the right side of the divided rock. (Chief Anne has been used previously by the Lord to seek for reconciliation between her tribe and England, America’s mother nation. She gave the headpiece and presented it before the Queen of England, in which she accepted.) Rosemary helped direct Jason Robillard to stand at the bottom or the root of the divided rock since salvation came to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles. Jason is a Messianic Jew who was divided from and had no knowledge of his ethnic root until a few years ago because his grandparents have been concealing it from the family for his safety because of WWII. Mary Leonard stood in the middle in the gap since she is working with the CRI in Missouri, a disaster relief organization that sends out trained Christian responders to reach the harvest during crisis. When we were all set in place, we began to pray for our nation.


We prayed for reconciliation with the Native Americans, the Jewish people with our nation, and for the next generation of leaders to rise up that would bring the gospel back to Jerusalem through the silk road in Asia. Two years ago, in June 6 2009, our nation passed the S. Res 111 which stated simply that M.S. St. Louis just happened without any apology. The MS St. Louis ship carried refugees during the WWII for passengers that wanted to run away from the Holocaust, and they were not welcomed in our borders. However, Rosemary began sharing historically what happened, and shared that many Jews felt assaulted and many wanted to kill themselves. Hitler began mocking the Jews that it seems that none of the nations wanted the Jews either. She remarked that the Rabbis shared to her that the number 111 in Hebrew alphabet when interpreted numerically, it is equivalent to the word, “vomit.” The Jewish leaders believe that our nation’s attempt for reconciliation with the Jews is like vomit to God in June 6, 2009. I began stating that I understand why our house of prayer will be praying and fasting for forty days on June 9 this year, three days after the day MS St. Louis ship event happened 72 years ago. Rosemary remarked that the ship traveled on the ship to several places for 40 days and 40 nights, where many of the nations rejected the ship that carried over a thousand passengers. The prayer time became more evident of God’s divine reconciliation for our nation when she realized she was carrying the Oskar Schlinder’s bible, the man who saved over a thousand Jewish people during the Holocaust.


At the end of our conversation, we were really glad that the Lord covered the prayer that we were called to do and that God ordained the time for us to meet together. I asked that the ladies would pray for me afterward, and before that time, Cathy gave me two books that God told her to give to me. One book is, “Healing America’s Wounds” and “What Christians Should Know About Reconciliation” by John Dawson.





He Got Saved & Baptized with Joy!

David Lee, Ramone, Davis H, Scott B, and I went to Dulles Airport in Maryland where Scott B, and Davis dropped us off early Monday morning on May 28 for our flights out at 8am to Salt Lake, Utah. I was seated at 4C, where another passenger also got the same seating number. She was then moved to first class with her husband that was sitting at 4A by the window so I can keep my seat. It was as though the enemy knew what was going to happen, and tried to destroy the plan of the conversation that I would have with the young man sitting at 4B. When we finally got our seatings in place, a two-year-old-looking baby girl in the next side of me was making a lot of cute noises, and she smiled and giggled at me. She has a green ribbon that ties the few strands of hair on top of her head in place, and her mom and dad were watching her as she sat on her mother’s lap. It seems like I became a baby-magnet all of a sudden recently with all of these babies extending their arms toward me. She started to pick out her dad’s phone while smiling at me with a pacifier in her mouth, and she would give it to me at least four times before she stopped taking it out of his pocket and her dad would withdraw it back again. (I just finally turned on my phone right now only to find out that it is acting weird. Maybe I should pray for Father to give me another phone. LOL.) The young man right next to me began to make some comments about the baby, and we began having talking about her and many other things.


We began sharing to each other the reason why we were in the area. He is 27 years old half French and half Arabian, and he has been traveling around the world for the sake of business to do import and export for his father. His name is Kadar. I began sharing about the reason why I was going to Virginia, and I told him that I was sent on a mission by God to do reconciliation for our nation with others. I began sharing to him the gospel about Jesus Christ, the God-man who stands in the gap for our sins from the perspective of the justice of the Father. He was very excited to hear and learn about God. He laughed in excitement about the fascination of our loving Father and he remarked, “Wow! I understand the gospel! That is so cool!” I shared about the purpose of Jesus’ resurrection, and I introduced him to the Holy Spirit that would lead him to the Truth since I cannot travel with him everywhere. He accepted Christ into his life, and he was filled with the joy of God. Eventually, we had to part ways, traded numbers, and I went to a flight from Salt Lake, Utah to Long Beach, CA.


Experience True Joy from God, the Abundant Life Giver

I ended up sitting right next to a young man name Joshua reading a book about happiness, and I asked him what he was learning about happiness. He stated that he lives in Tennessee, a place where there is a church at every block, but it seems like he is still searching for something that is beyond a religious experience. I eventually shared my life as a Christian believer as I tried to fill the void in my life that would not be filled consistently as a believer and the reasons why that was happening. God would then meet me where I needed to be filled as I seek Him with all of my heart, soul, and mind, and He fills me with true joy. Kadar then came into the airplane, and he ended up sitting right in front of me and made it more obvious for Kadar that the Lord WANTS HIM! I encouraged Joshua to search God with all of his heart, soul, and mind and that when we do, we will find Him. God will fill us with the abundance of what it means to have eternal life. Joshua traded numbers, and hopefully we can hang out with each other while he is in Orange County.



Overall, I am sooo glad to be back at home with our family at LoveHOP and my family. I was surprised and felt so appreciated to find that my car has been cleaned, polished, waxed, and looking like three years younger when Amee picked me up. My best friend, Amee, since we were in seventh grade initiated the efforts and Darlene helped several hours on the 923k miles made by Toyota Camry made in 1996. LOL. I came home to see that my hamster, Promise, is still alive and thankful that my brother took care of it.







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(Picture: our mud hut with our little cat.)

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At first glance, the community dinner on Sundays at MacArthur Park looks like it may be an outreach or a feed-the-homeless program. I think to call it just that would not do justice for what it actually represents. It is about building family with the existing community[1], and restoring identity among those who feel insignificant[2]


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One of the questions that was brought up from Sandy Ovalle with Destino was, “What do you think unity looks like or means?” I’ve been meeting up with some of the leaders in the Long Beach region or those called to Long Beach to build relationships and to seek for the Kingdom of God in this land. I was hanging out with Sandy Ovalle and Ashley Donald yesterday to just hang out. (I have learned in past years that a hang out will cause people to openly talk much more deeply than dubbing something a leadership meeting.) They are staff leaders from Destino and from Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF) at CSULB. Personally, I believe that the deepest unity comes from a place of the security that comes from God’s love and our capacity to love one another well[1]. It is not defined when people come to events together, promote each other’s events, or even hang out with each other every week. Those things are the fruits that come from the security in the love that one person receives and is also able to give away.

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I just recently thought to try to update on the happenings in my life at least once a week and also the adventure that I have been going on with God to encourage you… or rebuke others indirectly (LIS- “laughing in silence”).

Everything has been very interesting and pressuring in different ways for me in the past year and a half. It has been the hardest year of my life walking with the Lord. I think I have had more deaths (of the flesh, ambitions, etc.) than ever, and I have personally stopped counting.  They were deaths to my desires to always see fruitfulness, deaths to certain hopes, and I personally don’t completely understand what other deaths there are either (LIS). I have had more weeping sessions than ever (some are random), but I am trying my best to hold onto the good things and meditate on whatever is pure and lovely.

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Join us as we learn from some of our specialists in how to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ during and after a crisis. One of our speakers will be Scott Landerville, a trainer for over three decades for power plants, who specializes in preparing people when a tsunami hits and/or an earthquake. Scott has gone through some major earthquakes in his lifetime and has been used to bring back electrical power in the region. I believe Scott was made for such a time as this to prepare for His people as the event also was scheduled on his birthday. The crisis preparation includes home preparedness, CPR training, and others. Join us and learn from our speakers.



Scott Landerville

Amee Nguyen (registered nurse)

David Wiltfong




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