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History: LoveHOP

Beginnings …
LoveHOP’s foundation and roots started in 2006, at California State University of Long Beach.

During this time a few students from a cross section of Christian clubs (Campus Crusade for Christ, Asian American Christian Fellowship, etc.) came together to contend for campus revival.

We held sacred assemblies (Joel 2:15) that called for all Christian clubs to come together to pray and fast for a spiritual breakthrough on the campus, for the Lord to send out laborers, for souls to be saved (Romans 10:1), and for a spiritual awakening that would transform not only the lives of the students – but the faculty, staff and employees campus-wide.

Love House of Prayer 
On May 07, 2009, LoveHOP moved into its present headquarters, in Signal Hill and overlooking the City of Long Beach – where we continue to meet to contend for Love on earth. To know how LoveHOP came to be about, please read and watch the spiritual legacy of CSULB.

Our vision is to contend for Love on earth, and the spiritual and the physical welfare of our cities and nations. 

Today, we believe our call is to call others for gathering and assembling the Church in the Signal Hill and Greater Long Beach area for the reality of 24/7 prayer and worship through relationships with churches, ministries, and fellowships.

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