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Fragrance of Love Internship

*View the Academy Overview article first before reading this by clicking here.

Who is this good for?

Fragrance of Love Internship is great for someone who has been walking with the Lord usually for a few years at least already and has a strong understanding of the foundations, like the gospel message, as well as being able to recall diversities of passages in Scriptures. Our interns usually need to be able to commit to at least 14 hours a week in the place of prayer/worship at LoveHOP (seven hours), learning the materials in class (five hours), being in an accountability team (one hour), and also reading or doing homework (one hour).  It is also great for you if you are desiring to be prepared before you charge deeply into ministry work and in leadership. 

Why Choose this Internship?

The objectives of this program are to give students the challenge of living a lifestyle of prayer/fasting in every day life and also to give you practical advice/application to walk as Jesus did. This program will help you grow more strongly in the foundation of God, be ministered to by the affections and God’s Love for you, challenge and affirm you in why you believe what you believe, help equip you to encounter God personally to see personal transformation and see you become a passionate pursuer of God. We desire to strengthen your identity in God and also help you realize the inheritance that you have through the resurrection Power of God.

Equips in some of the following areas:

– Learn the language in how God communicates to you within the five-fold calling (Eph 4:11-16) and also learn what your eternal calling is

– Learn how to study the Word of God for yourself

– Learn how to cultivate a prayer/worship lifestyle to see personal transformation and implement a prayer culture within your sphere of influence to see spiritual breakthrough

– Learn how to walk in Love and make conscious decisions that are healthy for you and others

– Learn how to walk in radical obedience to see God work through your life as you take leaps of faith from day to day

– Learn from Biblical and recent Church history to see the trend of how God brings spiritual transformation and how you can play a part in it

– Learn the importance of your part in building a corporate 24/7 house of prayer and where and how you fit

– Learn the impact of praying and worshiping with the Scriptures

– Learn how to cultivate an intimate lifestyle with God to naturally impact your culture

– Learn how to walk in servant-leadership as that of Christ

– Learn about your spiritual authority that God has given to us through His Son to see people delivered, set free, and healed

– Learn how to discern spirits and how to practically take right actions to cultivate a healthy community


If you are interested in worshiping God with musical instruments/vocal, you can indicate your interest in our application.

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