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Fast on Sabbath Nachamu

Focus of the fast: 
Praying for the 24/7 reality at LoveHOP and for the radical lovers of intercession/worship to be called, gathered, and assembled. 

Type of Fast:
Fasting from food, of course, but ask God and remember to always drink water. 

START: Saturday July 24th at 7pm 
END: Thursday September 2nd at 7pm

DESCRIPTION: The fast starts on the same day as Sabbat Nachamu, which is a Jewish holiday. It takes its name from the haftarah from Isaiah in the Book of Isaiah 40:1-26 that speaks of “comforting” the people of God for the destruction of the Temple and reassure us that it will be built again. The fast will end one day before TheCall in Sacramento for 2010 that lasts from September 3-4 at the Raley Field. We will go together up to TheCall in Sacramento together. (You do not have join the fast to go to TheCall and vice versa.)

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