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“Discussing Revival @ CSULB with Joanne”

11/13/08 Thurs
Tammy Daos DreamJoanne Lee from Blessed INTL was playing the piano for worship and she asked me to play in E minor with her (E minor is the minor or sad key of G major; minor keys are usually sad music). I began telling her how revival is coming to CSULB, and she said that she received some pictures from an artist about revival coming to where they are. She showed to me the pictures and she and I said that they look kind of scary. The pictures looked more dead than revived. However, the last pictures showed to me were glorious. There were some people dressed in kingly and queenly pictures and behind them was a beautiful golden throne. She said something I don’t remember clearly but it was made in reference to Blessed’s association to Bethel Church in Redding, CA. 

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