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5/3/10 Monday “Establishing a New non-profit Organization”Tammy Daos DreamI was hanging out with my brother and a few other people (Kim, Tiffa, Sarah Yoon, Co Hanh, Andrew, peter) from the CHurch. My brother was asked to help establish the church into non-profit status for a group that was growing financially, and he felt that it was dangerous because he wasn’t sure about the credibility of the group. However, they needed to do it quickly. I told my brother, “Just do it for them. They are like us (like LoveHOP). Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they are not credible or trustworthy.”
At that time, we need to go to a place that was high up in the mountain but somehow it was next to the beach/lake. We needed to talk to someone or an agency. There was a stranger that led us to go there. To go up, you can go through by two ways. Number one, go between the wall and the house. Secondly, go through the small pipe that is filled with sand. The space is very tight in there. Sarah Yoon and then Tiffa Lu went through the pipe and I decided to wait cause the pathway was too small. 
During that time, we just hung out at the house to wait for them to finish. I woke up thinking, “LoveHOP should start the non-profit status and prepare right now.”
My brother: a brother/sister in Christ that is called to finance the non-profit status and take us through the process. 
Tiffa/Sarah Yoon: the prophetic eye to go through the process in humility. 
Some of the others: Christians who were jealous/envious, people that don’t care. 
Stranger: someone that we don’t know well will lead us or open up the camp area for us to go there. 

CONFIRMATION: David Hino from the Light church is financing the non-profit status as stated on 2/19/11 and Samuel and David are helping us go through the process of making it a non-profit status. There is a stranger or someone we don’t know too well that is opening up the cabin for camp for us up in Big Bear. The camp-site is located in front of a lake. 

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