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Confirmation for Lovehop Academy

Before this dream, I was asking God, “How do we make a movement last from one generation to the next?” I was wondering how to build a strong community of certain kind of breed without losing its essence. Then I fell asleep and I received this dream: 3/27/10   “Reforming the Zombies” We were in the house (30-60 people) of us, and there was a disease that was spreading from Southern CA to Northern CA. It would turn people to zombies. THere were some zombies that came into the house, and we didn’t know what to do with them. We were afraid that they would turn us into one of them, but there was a teacher that came into the house as well. He knew how to speak to them and would reform their midns so all of us can live with these reformed zombies.  We went outside because some of us were curious about what was going on in the outside world. We saw so many people partying in the water at te beach, and they were so clueless about what was going on about the disease of the zombies. We couldn’t tell them or warn them effectively because they were partying too hard. I was trying to stop them to talk to them but they wouldn’t listen. 

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