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Code of Honor

Our Code Of Honor

Our code of honor is what we abide by before the Lord and person.

As we build the Body of Christ at large, we are committed to doing the work of God and building up existing churches and ministries in the local area. We have placed this code of honor to strengthen our relationships with every ministry we have the privilege of working with.  Faithful to the call of the Lord, we continue to build a perpetual 24/7 house of prayer even in our own home church base. Biblically, we believe that the House of Prayer is the Church (Isaiah 56:7, Matthew 21:13) and God uses His Church, His House of Prayer as His main means to bring Heaven to Earth, from the individual believer to His indivisible Body both locally and corporately. We believe there are four fundamental concepts as we build the house of prayer and bring church trainings that will add godly value to the churches. We continue to encourage individuals in the Body of Christ to grow in prayer and intimacy with God and then be an active part in heaven and earth for their local church. They must remain in their local church taking the best of what God gives them into where they have been planted by God.

We encourage individuals on how critical it is to serve with even greater zeal the vision and mission that God has called for that local church body especially within that leadership to accomplish God’s will with them there. In this praying process, bitterness or unforgiveness can surface that must be resolved so they can become peace makers. We never encourage anyone to give up or to leave ministry or local bodies especially if we know it plays into these wounds – quite the opposite. We make every effort to see healing occur to strengthen and bridge relationships between individuals and leadership to further bring healing and joy in the Lord which is our strength. As Jesus said, “a new commandment I give to you, love one another…and they will know you’re my disciples by your love for one another” (John 13:34-35).

This said, under certain conditions we also believe there are four key reasons when an individual is no longer part of or should be a part of a ministry or home church. Through prayer and as we believe the Lord directs us with the leadership, we may see the need on occasion for some individuals to leave that home church.

There are some key reasons when an individual leaves a home church:

  1. Distance. There may be an individual that lives too far to be a part of that home church making it difficult to build healthy relationships with the family and in investment relationships at the work place or school.
  2. Mission. You are sent out by God to start another church or work of God. The individual is still part of the home church but there is a change to higher priority to the new mission for the individual.
  3. More effective healing and reconciliation between God and person. This is a main part of our ministry as it was with Jesus.  If there is real difficulty maintaining or building godly relationships with others or leaders because of unresolved pain that needs healing, then with the church leaders, we encourage individuals to step back, receive healing, practice reconciliation and bonding in the Lord and go back to resolve these difficulties. Only then, if this fails, after we have made attempts to mediate the relationships as in Matt. 18:15-17, it may be necessary for that individual to leave to prevent further wounding of any party involved.
  4. In some rare instances, excommunication, where there is a refusal of an individual to humble themselves before the Lord, to come to their brethren and become accountable which is required for integrity (1 Cor. 5).

Here are other books and articles that we would encourage any believer to look at:

  • “Letters to Devastated Christians” & “A Tale of Three Kings” by Gene Edwards, and
  • “Should I Leave My Church?” By John Piper
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