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Cathy Greer- Prophetic Evangelism Training

Wednesday, March 9 @ 7pm (.mp3): AUDIO.

Thursday, March 10 @ 7pm (.mp3): AUDIO.

Cathy Greer, Founder & President of Mission Support Network, is invited as a special guest-speaker at LoveHOP to do prophetic evangelism. She has high level of discernment in the things of God, and she also operates in the gift of prophecy very strongly. She has planted several churches and has led thousands of non-believers to Christ through outreaches and being in the field in many countries including Africa and India. She has been instrumental in mobilizing others to reach out into their communities and regions through Power Evangelism. She also served as the Outreach Pastor at Vineyard Community Church in Laguna Niguel, California. Besides that, she is a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, very fun, down to earth, and loves the youth! 

There will be teaching on the prophetic and also hands-on training on how to do evangelism. If you’re a college/high-school student, this is a GREAT opportunity to use this tool to reach non-believers on your campus.

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