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Neil Cole: Heroes of the Faith

In continuation with the weekly Heroes of the Faith on Tuesday nights at 7pm, we have invited one of our advisors and a present hero of faith to encourage us in our mutual faith in the Lord. Neil shares on some of his background, how he got saved, how the Lord has been using him to call leaders and people of God to the things of God, and the core mandate from Matthew 28:19 to make discipleship of all nations that drives his life. 


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Jeff Crume: Heroes of the Faith

Jeff Crume is an amazing man of God who has a genuine heart for the nations and the youth. He has ministered to me personally since I was about twelve years old through the Vietnamese Pentecostal Coalition in California and to hundreds of the Vietnamese people in our camps. When I think of someone who ministers prophetically with high level of accuracy and with such a depth of the Father’s heart, I think of Jeff! Recently last year, the Lord led us together again through a divine appointment at a conference where he was sharing. The Lord made it clear that he is to run alongside with LoveHOP in helping us reach after our destiny in the Lord as an advisor. Jeff handles the Word of God with trembling and reverential fear of the Lord as He ministers to people.   

Join us and invite your friends as he shares on his personal journey with God, the amazing God-stories to encourage us, how he is able to follow the Lord, and the message of his life. There will also be a time of ministry as well for impartation and more.

Picture of Jeff Crume

Jeff Crume

Director of 
Jeff Crume Ministries International

Jeff Crume International exist to passionately 
compel people to come to the saving 
knowledge of Jesus Christ, and equip and 
empower them to walk in the fullness of 
their God-given Destiny.

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Eddie Brown- The Ark- Preparing a Generation for the Last Days

Speaker: Eddie Brown, Director of Justice House of Prayer in San Diego
Audio (.mp3): click here. 

The Earth is groaning… Fear is spreading… Systems are breaking… Governments are collapsing… Economies are falling… Wars and rumors of wars…

Questions are arising… What is going on? What should we do? What is happening with the government? What is happening with the economy? Who has the answers? These are important questions that people are asking in this hour of history, people are turning in every direction grasping for “hope” but still we come up wanting and lacking. Come join us as we dare to believe that God has given his people the answers. 

“Ten years ago God began to speak to me about the coming financial disaster as it related to China and the globalist economy. I have spent the last decade preparing for what is happening in the earth right now. As fear is spreading through the earth, I find myself never having been so full of faith! I believe God has given us, not all, but some key components to the times we are living in, I hope you will join us for this important meeting!” ~Eddie Brown 

Topics that were covered:
Loving God
The Cross
House of Prayer
Food Storage
Living Self Sufficient
How to Prepare for the coming season
Current Prophetic Words
Faith vs Fear for the times ahead

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Cathy Greer- Prophetic Evangelism Training

Wednesday, March 9 @ 7pm (.mp3): AUDIO.

Thursday, March 10 @ 7pm (.mp3): AUDIO.

Cathy Greer, Founder & President of Mission Support Network, is invited as a special guest-speaker at LoveHOP to do prophetic evangelism. She has high level of discernment in the things of God, and she also operates in the gift of prophecy very strongly. She has planted several churches and has led thousands of non-believers to Christ through outreaches and being in the field in many countries including Africa and India. She has been instrumental in mobilizing others to reach out into their communities and regions through Power Evangelism. She also served as the Outreach Pastor at Vineyard Community Church in Laguna Niguel, California. Besides that, she is a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, very fun, down to earth, and loves the youth! 

There will be teaching on the prophetic and also hands-on training on how to do evangelism. If you’re a college/high-school student, this is a GREAT opportunity to use this tool to reach non-believers on your campus.