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Endorsements of Tammy Dao

“…Above all, Tammy is a young lady belonging to God’s heart. She really devotes all of her life to God, following in His will. When Tammy stayed with my family in her mission trips in Vietnam, she impacted my daughter’s life by her intimate relationship with the Lord. Everyone around Tammy can see that her priority is in loving God with all of her heart, her soul, her mind, and her strength. She dedicates much of her time in seeking God and leading people to His love. After visiting the orphans my church is overseeing, Tammy shared with me her vision of houses of hope for all the nations and the plan to carry it out. Tammy is a lady of vision, and her actions are for the sake of the Kingdom of God.”

“Also, Tammy has a gift of teaching. During her time in Vietnam (click on link to view blog), Tammy and her team taught about the relationship with God and prophecy in seminars for the youths. Many of the youths’ lives have been changed, knowing God’s calling in their lives and saying “yes” to God. Tammy is very patient to listen to people and also counsel them in the Word of God. She has a humble heart as a servant of God, not wanting to be in the center of attention but she is willing to say what God wants her to share.”

“Tammy’s mission trips in Vietnam were marked by God’s anointing in her life accompanied with the gift of prophecy and healings. Several lives were healed and chains were broken when she prayed for God’s people in Church. Young people were encouraged by God’s words through Tammy, calling them forth to serve Him. I believe that the Lord has a great calling in Tammy’s life and will be using her as a well of blessing for all of the nations. She will shake this world with God’s love for the broken and the lost in her heart.”

Lam Thanh Duong
Assembly of God’s Vietnam General Superintendent

“Tammy is someone who courageously pursues the Lord and because of that is usually a few steps ahead of the rest of us. I am proud of her and the work she does in intercession for all of us.”

– Neil Cole

Executive Director of Church Multiplication Associates

Author of “Organic Church,” “Organic Leadership,” “Church 3.0,” “Search & Rescue,” and “Cultivating a Life for God”

“Tammy Dao has emerged as one of the key leaders in the Love House of Prayer in Signal Hill. Over the last couple of years, I have seen her grow from being a student leader on the Cal State University, Long Beach campus to the visionary that has helped to birth LoveHOP. She has helped to build a team in this student-led House of Prayer and together they stand in the high place to pray for the turning of a generation to Jesus and the returning of their land (the influential Long Beach area) back to it’s covenant roots with the Lord.”

“I am excited to endorse Tammy as she walks into her calling to lead and train as a full-time minister. She has encountered the Lord in a profound way which has caused her heart to love deeply (both in loving God and loving people). This is part of the call on her life … to see people come to experience and know the love of Jesus as she has. Tammy is also an outstanding leader. She receives vision from the Lord, carries this vision, and executes this vision with an awareness of what God wants to do through her and in the context of the community that God has entrusted to her. Seeing Tammy walking in this maturity at her age is not just encouraging to see – but is a sign of what God is doing in her generation…”

– Jonathan Ngai

Director, STRIKE LA & Reformation House of Prayer

“It’s been a blessing to get to know Tammy and work with her this last few years. Also to personally mentor and sow into her life. Her passion for Jesus and for others is evident in everything she does. She is a gifted, humble leader with the ability to equip others and has a wonderful prophetic gift that has blessed us personally. We are inspired by her life of worship, prayer and commitment to God’s Word.”

“Tammy has a passion to see others come to Christ and it’s evident in her efforts on college campuses and in the nations, establishing a 24-hour house of prayer, and wherever she goes. Her childlike faith and desire to see the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven has resulted in many people healed and set free.  We believe God is raising up the next generation of leaders who will call others into a life of radical obedience as abandoned lovers of Jesus and Tammy is one of them.”

“It’s been our blessing to know her and we hope you have the opportunity to do the same.”

– Stuart and Cathy Greer

Ministers and Founders of MISSION SUPPORT NETWORK

“I have known Tammy for a year now and have watched as she has led the ministry of Love Hop, a prayer ministry based in Signal Hill, California. I have learned much from Tammy and her dedicated core leaders. She is a woman of high integrity and walks intimately with God.”

“Tammy is one of those leaders who has wisdom beyond her years, deep humility, high discernment, passionate prayer life and a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit. She is not just a leader in the making, she is a leader who is making a difference for the kingdom. The work of the enemy is being broken. Lives are being transformed. People are being healed.”

“It is a joy to know Tammy as a friend and it is a honor to partner with her in ministry. I know that God has an incredible call on her life. God is shaking this area and I believe that Tammy is one of the key leaders that will help usher in the next move of God.”

– David Hino

Pastor of The Light Christian Fellowship

“I have known Tammy Dao for five years now; as a student and now recent graduate of Long Beach State. My wife and I have been mentors to Tammy. She is truly a friend. I have seen her grow in faith and leadership ability…”

“Tammy also has a heart for unity in the body of Christ. She was a part of our weekly leadership prayers at Long Beach State that brought leaders from different ministries together to pray.  She is willing to connect and partner with different ministries to minister to them and provide prayer, ministry, and training opportunities for them. She is willing to labor with Christians from different ministries to see God’s kingdom come on earth.”

“I have also worked with Tammy on the mission’s field on a short term summer trip. I have witnessed her sincere heart for missions, justice, and orphans. She gives all she has in ministry. She truly cares for people and has spoken accurate words of encouragement, and exhortation from the Lord into the lives of many…”

-Seyi Olagunju

Founder/Director of  Nations Worship Ministries

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Core Leaders

Tammy Dao picture

Tammy Dao (Director)

Go here to view endorsements of Tammy Dao. Go here to view briefly the call on her life and her ministry background (.pdf).

My heart is to see a generation of laid-down lovers that would follow whole-heartedly after Jesus Christ.

Harold Huang picture

Harold Huang (Worship Director)

My heart is to minister to the Lord all the days of my life through worship.

David Wiltfong picture

David Wiltfong (Financial Director)

I would like to see a student volunteer movement that rises among the youth that would fulfill the Great Commission.