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Call for An Awakening

In January 29th, the Lord gave Tammy Dao a dream where the general watchmen/leaders/prophets of the Lord in America that are refusing to hear the sound of the trumpet of warning, which began to open up for more signs of what is happening in America and in California and the urgency of the hour. If we continue to refuse to hear the sound of the trumpet of warning, the spirit of warlock (definition: traitor, deceiver, oath-breaker, sorcerer) will have a fuller manifestation of it in the Church. He is calling His children to wake up to watch and pray with Him for an awakening. After 21 days of prayer and fasting in February to give language to the things that God has shown to her, Tammy released the dream publicly. The prophets rising up to speak the truth in love will be strategic to see for a call to change in the Church of America.



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