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Burning Time Charge

The Burning Time Charge is a training program to raise faithful and radical lovers of God that will seek the Lord wholeheartedly. 

The two requirements that those who want to participate in it must be those who desire to encounter the fascinating nature of God and those that desire to live in consecration. This is also good for those who desire to see revival and/or the habitation of the glory of God in their campus, city, and more through the pioneering work in intercession. This is part of our discipleship training package. 

This is a short 1 month training that incorporates prayer and worship for the purpose of building up the fire of prayer that will go before God day and night. For every two hours in seeking God together, there will be about one hour of training about intercession and worship. You will be partnered together in small groups for this purpose. 

If you are interested, please join us in the orientation and see if this is what you desire to do.

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