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Apostolic Interest Team

 Rooted from a lifestyle of prayer, these missional interest teams are leaders (campus, school, work-place, church, media, art, etc.) that come together to see the Love of God established on earth as it is in heaven. They usually range from two people to twelve people that come to ENCOURAGE one another, impart VISION, and MAKE/ADMINISTRATE for the visions of God to happen. They are teamed together because of a particular desire or interest (establish prayer movement, restoring purity in the sex-trafficking world, establishing family for orphans, establishing churches through discipleship, etc.), and they meet at least every-so-often (weekly, bi-monthly, etc.) to plan for a holy take-over. For the friends of LoveHOP community, we share on how to do it with others, we connect Christians with similar interest, and/or we get involved. Majority of the times, we do all three.  ENCOURAGEMENT: PURPOSE: Build one another up in Christ.How to do it: Speak life, prophesy, call out the God in each other, thank each other, and/or honor one another or the whole team.  VISION: GENERAL VISION: contending for Love on earth.SPECIFIC VISION ACCORDING TO INTEREST: Create the specific vision but that is big enough to expand in at least four years.PURPOSE: Walk with one another in the path of Christ. How to do it: Share dreams, visions, strong impressions, Scriptures that speak to you, and/or prophetic words. It can also look like a rebuke (call to come back to the general vision) or a correction to come back to the ways of God. Recognize the witness of God or confirmations.  ADMINISTRATE: PURPOSE: Help each other accomplish the vision. How to do it: Plan for an event, gathering, meeting, or share upcoming events and how to get others involved that God has given a witness/confirmation to do. Figure out how to divide the tasks and help each other to do the task.RULE: Only administrate the witness that God has given to you in the visions.
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