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Anointed Field as the Refuge

Tammy Dao Dream:

There were about three to four people that followed this man to go somewhere.  Because he did something illegal the law enforcement came and wanted to arrest everyone.  Even though the followers didn’t do anything illegal the law enforcement still wanted to lock them up and showed them no mercy.

While the law enforcers were looking away, the girls ran away to the backyard.  It was so silly because the fat girl hid inside a tree and the other girl was in the water.  They were not supposed to be in the backyard because it was dangerous.  When the law enforcers saw them there, they ran.  One girl ran on top of the walls that are used to divide the houses from one another.  Afterward she ran into the open green field to protect herself.

Around all of the houses were many demons except for a few.  The ones with no demons believed in God while the other houses didn’t believe.  Bill Clinton was standing in front of his house and he was speaking as if he was the reporter but there were no cameras and no one was listening to him.  He talked about how in the last days there will be a lot of wickedness and evil.  he also talked about how the demons came to kill and destroy everyone it can.  The majority of the houses had fire on them and that was one of the ways you can tell that there are demonic activities there.  A lot of people were suffering and were heavily oppressed because the fire was different.  The fire was very red but it didn’t destroy the house.  It would cause these people a lot of pain.

A little after that Bill Clinton’s family found an open green field.  They anointed a small area that would only fit them at first but decided to anoint the whole field’s outer edges.  There was a time that came that it wasn’t safe for the believer to stay at their house but they needed to all come together to this green field.  There were so many believers in this green field and they were very tightly knit together (no space).  The demons tried to come and devour the people in the field but they couldn’t because of the anointed oil.

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