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Academy Overview

LoveHOP Academy VISION:

“Contending for Love on earth.”

Our instructors at LoveHOP Academy are taught by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and/or teachers (Eph 4).

A Supportive Learning Environment:

Why are we focusing on identity and the inheritance of a believer?

Our mission in LoveHOP Academy is to raise radical lovers that will impact the nations with the Love of God in such a way where non-believers may come to know Him and believers to realize their inheritance. It is extremely important to realize our inheritance in God because we will not be able to access our inheritance if we don’t know what it is. A huge part of our inheritance is the realization of the One we are inheriting as He tells us what He thinks of us and speaks into our identity as His saint, His beloved one, and His friend. Knowing our inheritance and our God will cause us to naturally bring forth supernatural works in our lives and also godly characters. The next thing you know is, you will be loving the hell out of people andloving people to lifedaily as you continue to walk in Him.The academy’s culture integrates realities of everyday life. One example of this is we have no dating policy for singles because we desire to teach our students how to live in purity and build healthy relationships within the context of everyday life. Because we do not place much restriction on the students, we also create strong foundations for personal accountability. This is done in a smaller group setting where transparency, honesty, and confrontation are done in love. We also encourage and share our personal and others’ experiences of God as witnessed in the Scriptures.A Community Focused on Your Growth:

Our small size affords our students an intimate learning environment from our instructors and also from one another. Our instructors and students also many times share their God-stories with one another, uplift one another up in prayer, and many end up being friends throughout the internship with our instructors and staffs.

Practical Application:

We also have hands-on training where we integrate the teachings within the context of worship, prayer, and fasting as well as providing an environment for students where they are expected to pray for the sick, do deliverances, prophesy, and evangelize. We not only teach the Scriptures, but also challenge each other to live it out. This kind of culture encourages students totake leaps of faithwhere they are expected to stretch their faith and also grow in the knowledge of God.

We disciple our students upon the foundation of Love, Word, and Power.

Some of the principles we teach in Love includes:

– Encountering the Love of God

– What does Love look like?

– Loving God through worship

– Discerning God’s voice

– Purity/holiness

– Making Love known

– Radical lovers marked with radical obedience

Some of the principles we teach in Word includes:

– How to study the Bible

– Being filled with the Word and Spirit

– Impact of Praying and worshiping with the Word

– History of Prayer movement

– Restoration of the Tabernacle of David

– Intimacy with God that results in intercession

Some of the principles we teach in Power includes:

– Kingdom authority

– Servant-leadership

– Walking out spiritual authority in Love

– Deliverance & praying for healing

Academy Structure

Currently, we have two programs of internships:

1. Radical Lovers

– This internship is a nine-month program that focuses on launching you into a rhythm to experience the Love of God through worship, prayer, renewing the mind through the truth from Scriptures, and empowering you to be an agent of change to those around you in your sphere of influence. The training includes teachings that lasts for six hours weekly with worship and prayer before class. Students are also required to be a part of a Love Transformation Team, which is an accountability group that meets up weekly for a short time to help build character and integrity.

– The training is based upon the foundation of Love, Word, and Power.

– The teaching includes hands-on trainings on how to hear God’s voice and discern it, discerning visions/dreams and interpretations, prophecy, leading prayer, and doing deliverances and praying for the sick.

– Students are trained with about seven books that relate to Love, Word, and Power, and we learn how to study and go through the book of Song of Songs.They include books on intimacy with God, holiness, prayer, Kingdom authority, and history of revivals.

– If the intern successfully go through the internship, he/she is invited to lead prayer/worship and/or administrative function to build a 24/7 prayer/worship center. The internship will also empower him/her to bless and support their current local church spiritually and more.

2. Cross-Cultural Internship

– This program is a three-month internship that gives you practical tools in how to discern the apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers. We study about their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, how they receive/give love, recognizing when they have been traumatized, recognizing false apostles/prophets/evangelists/shepherds/teachers, and also how to retore them personally and creating an environment for them to be healed. You must have taken Radical Lovers Internship before qualifying to take Cross-Cultural Internship.  

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