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3 Days of Prayer and Fasting Drinking Water

2/28 or 3/3

Tammy Dao: felt called to call forth a 3-day of prayer and fasting for breakthrough for 24-7 prayer house on the 20th-20nd of March

Confirmation: Burning Ones Conference 2009 with Kim Walker at Refuge House of Prayer from 20th-21st. (Burning Ones refer to Peter Greig’s vision or the poem “The Vision”) It’s about 24-7 prayer houses being raised up.

Confirmations and things that God spoke to different individuals about the house of prayer in Signal Hill during the 3 days of corporate prayer and fasting:

  • 1st Night in USU 100

hand of God

Monica Clark: My hand is upon this and I’m doing this. It is not a person, and it will come to pass…Aaron Chambers: I saw the hand of God come upon this

Tiffa Lu:  I saw God’s hand and whoever it is God will bring those with the same hearts…

Nancy: I saw the King of Glory in front of us and we’re clinging onto Him.  That what we need to do…

protection of God

Monica Clark: I saw a ring of angels that are protecting us…

Tiffa Lu: I saw white gowns that are protecting us and there will be things that happen around you but will not harm us…

Joshua Wilshusen: I saw a vision of someone with a gun shooting someone…

Monica: saw the same thing

Tammy Dao: I saw the blankets of protection in our lives.  Though the things that go on around us may be chaotic, God’s peach will protect our hearts.

Harold Huang: I feel God wants to release gifts and new gifts to us

David Wiltfong: I feel God wants to reclaim the lighthouse (signal Hill) and purify us

Aaron Chambers: “there is a very strong apostolic anointing upon this and evangelism as well… It feels like the eldership upon Morningstar Ministy is just as strong here.

Monica Clark: I am pouring My anointing into this bowl.  I finally found people who are willing

Tiffa Lu: I keep seeing the prayer team getting bigger and we’re not sending out the fire, we have the fire and building the fire…

  • 2nd Day: March 21st 2009

Darlene:I saw a hand held out and says I give this to you and I saw His hand moving over the city

light beam from the house of prayer

Tiffa Lu: Here comes the original prayer team members: Albert, Karla, Tim Pae, who is burning with the desire of prayer passion for Jesus.  They were in a circle in front of bookstore and people start joining them: Alina, Tiffa, Hartley… The circle gets bigger and bigger.  I would see more circles around the small circle.  Those are outside of Long Beach and others.  As we were praying we were creating fire.  The bright light that connects to the 2nd heaven.  Each person has that light.  Each person or group connected to an angel.  As we pray more and more, the angels grew bigger, stronger, quicker, and more dangerous toward the strongholds over the city/region. People were sent out to different parts of the city and nations.  As they were gathering, they were creating new houses of prayer.  The prayer houses became like fire and a big flame.  The LB region started to burn because of the houses of prayer and it sent a fire in Southern California.

Harold Huang: I saw a light beam of gold radiating from the house of prayer

Katzy Serrano: I saw a great light and there was a ladder ( like Jacob’s ladder) with angels ascending and descending from Signal Hill

unity from different backgrounds

Darlene: I saw unity from the different backgournds

Bethany Endter: You would be one just as We are one

Love House of Prayer

Tammy Dao: I heard the name: Love House of Prayer

Katzy Serrano: I spoke about the house of prayer as being a place of love

David Wiltfong: I saw wheat and a lightbulb

  • 3rd Day March 22nd 2009

burning hearts

Katzy Serrano: Isaiah 66 and burning hearts that are building the fire

Tammy Dao: burning hearts

all nations will come

Katzy Serrano: all nations will come Isaiah 2

Tammy Dao: all different people coming up to the hill to worship

big building

Tammy Dao: big builiding

Katzy: big building

Harold: big  building

Tiffa: big building

breakthrough for prayerhouse

Tiffa: saw Tammy giving birth for breakthrough

Tammy: saw the dam breaking and water flowing

Katzy: we hit breakthrough

Signal Hill

confirmations were given from different times to different people. Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Katzy Serrano, Tammy Dao

Chuck Pierce’s prophecy 2005: signal hill has a history of being watchmen in ancient days.  Signal Hill has a watchmen anointing.  It is a protection anointing over the entire nation.  The watchmen will look after the harvest that is going to happen in Long Beach area.  Clear connections established.  Shimar (watchman) prophet is one of six types of prophets.  The Seer prophets will be able to look into the future and see what God is doing.  Like Samuel they see the vision of what is coming ahead.   Models will rise up in this area for the nation.

China will be impacted. Long Beach will be an entry to China.  Pray for the Chinese descendants in Long Beach.  2006 is a significant year for China. Business alignments.  Trade agreements. The Chinese will come to Long Beach and will have to submit to the Holy Spirit as they come into the port.

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