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24/7 Prayer House in Long Beach

As Tammy spent time with the Lord in the morning these were the things the Spirit of the Lord spoke to her:

“They are coming, massive of them (enemy).  Cover yourself with the garments of praise.  Place the whole armor upon yourself.”

“I am going to raise a 24/7 house of pryaer through you.  People will come from all over the place from the nations to gather and pray.  It will be My beating-heart-house.  There will be a strong prophetic proclamation for the lands in this place.  See that I will build this temple within three days.  Do not doubt.  Believe and it will come to pass. “

“There will be a mighty wind of My Spirit coming through and sweeping through the campus.  Be alert! Many will fall from the faith! I am sounding the alarm.  Whoever knows how to tend this temple (intimacy) will be a part of this mighty army.”

“Ask for the nations, and I will give them to you.  Ask for your mothers, brothers, fathers, and sisters and I will give them to you.”

As Tammy prayed for scriptural confirmations, the Spirit of the Lord spoke: “Isaiah 54, Isaiah 62, Matthew 12, and Revelation 6.”

11/2/08 Sunday at Love House of Prayer

As Harold Huang prayed, the Spirit of the Lord kept speaking the word “prophetic” concerning the house of prayer.

10/30/08Thursday 24/7 Book

When Victor Salazar went to the Lighthouse bookstore in Long Beach, a man (Katzy Serano) recommended a book to Victor that was just brought in that morning.  This book is called “24/7 Prayer Manual A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Holy Space in the Real World.”  by Peter Greig and David Blackwell.  One of the  authors helped start the IHOP in Kansas City.

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