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Zion Ready CSULB- Double Portion for LB

Doug Davis:

Zion Ready- Will Ford with Hilkiah Ministries

The Lord told me to watch a prayer conference being held at morning star and being broadcasted on God TW on 5/26/07.  This conference was focusing on The Call in Nashville which is being held on 7/7/07.  My wife was watching it and a man named Will Ford from Hilkiah Ministries out of Dallas, Texas was speaking.

Here is the story, He was on an airplane and he received the following prophetic *word for a girl*:

“A young lady came and sat next to him.  Suddenly a spirit of prophesy came over Will Ford for the young lady and he began to speak.  Will prophesied, “You are from Southern California right?” The young lady replied “Yes, that is correct.”  “You’re not from L.A. but somewhere close to there.” He continued.  “So you go to Long Beach State right?” She said “Yes.”  He asked if she was a psychology major as a sophmore to which she answered “yes.”  He asked her if she had a friend named Tiffany and she told him that she actually had two friends named Tiffany.  After this Will told her “All I know is that God loves you and has an incredible plan for your life.  An Esther anointing is going to come over your life.  The Lord just told me that there is something about your name, what is your first name?”  She told him “My name is Zion.”  Next Will said “The Lord just told me that there is also something special about your last name.  What is your last name?”  She said “My last name is Ready.”

Will felt the Lord saying:

Just as her major is Psychology, I am majoring for the sould of the next generation because there is a major battle going on for the soul of the next generation.  I am marrying the racer and different groups and movements together and the synergistic power of this will break the power of the death culture that has come to this generation.

Doug Davis said “Also Long Beach is statistically the most diverse city in America and 90804 is the most diverse area code in the nation.  In addition, it is the focal point of two major spiritual wells:

1. The worlds largest bible study in 1920: made up of 30,00 men (the gay pride parade which is mainly made up of male homosexuals is prevalent in Long Beach.  It consummates their festival on the same ground these men once prayed on)

2. The Four Square Church on Juniero that experienced extraordinary miracles in the late ’20s and ’30s under the ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson.  Jack Harford *was healed in this church of polio and Kathryn Kuhlman started her healing ministry here at this church.*

*=words that were summarized or edited for easier understanding


Seyi Olagunju- 1 Kings 19: The Lord asked Elijah to wait on him; and then the Lord finally speaks in a small quiet voice in verse 13.  Then the Lord asks Elijah to anoint Hazael king over Areim and Jehu king over Israel and finally anoint Elisha prophet.  After this season of focusing on the Lord, at LoveHOP, I believe the Lord wants to release the double (kingly) apostolic anointing over LB which is symbolized in Hazael and Jehu.  The Lord is also going to marry this with the prophetic which is symbolized in Elisha.  This won’t just be an ordinary prophetic grace but a double portion type (2 Kings 2:9-10).  The Lord wants to produce a double grace in the apostolic and prophetic in LB in a new way to defeat the enemy (1 Kings 19:17) and establish right order.

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Welsh Revival

Recorded Friday, January 9, 2009 but occured 8/28/08

I felt God took me back into the time before the Welsh revival happened. There was an older man who was praying intensely with about five others for revival to break forth.  One girl cut her finger to say that they were willing to put down their lives for the revival to come.  I saw that they were praying in a barn.  Afterward, I found out that the Welsh revival had an old preacher named Seth Joshua who prayed for revival to come.  When I saw Seth Joshua, before I read the account of him, I said to myself that Seth looked a lot like the man that prayed in the barn.  Whether or not Seth was there is not important but I believe God was speaking to me about the revival.  The Welsh revival came from a barn that was made into Moriah Chapel which was consistent with my vision.

God spoke to me about preparing the intercessors for the revival and I found out today (January 9th, 2009) that Evan Roberts was doing that as well from the book, God’s Generals by Robert Liardon.

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An all night prayer festival… with breakfast to follow!!

Intentionally celebrative.

All night (12am-6am).

Bring your small blanket, pillow, coffee/tea mug (preferably a super-hero mug), shakers, guitar, and triangles.

It’s a whole community thing.

Bring your hunger for Jesus Christ.

Psalm 119:62 “At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You, because of your righteous judgments.”


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Website Hacked

Please take note that since the website has been hacked, all of the links have an added “features” extension, which is not suppose to be there. If you would like to read/listen to the messages, you would need to remove any extension with the “features” in the link file.

For example of a virus link:

To get the correct link

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Voice of Justice

Voice of Justice image

In this message Tammy calls everyone to covenant relationship with God, to understand justice and the difference of walking in covenant or love. Tammy is also calling people to find their voice to cry out to a people that are dying to Christ.


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Multiplying wholearted lovers to transform nations sealed with the Love of the Father, Word of Jesus Christ, and Power of Holy Spirit.


The mission is two-fold:

  1. Transforming identity through seeking & revealing the knowledge of God in the place of worship.
  2. Commissioning radical lovers to bring  revival, unity, and works of mercy in the family, Church, & the harvest or unsaved.  

You can co-labor with God to ignite orphans to become sons & daughters, slaves to friends, and the unwanted to Bride of Christ.  These become the burning ones sealed with the Great Commandment of Love and set apart for the Great Commission for the glory of God.


“To open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.” (Acts 26:18;NKJV)

Some of the promises of God and His desires for all include that we would have the inheritance of:

  • Abundant life & joy in Jesus.
    • Billions of people today medicate pain and loneliness with excessive work, pornography, drugs, etc. Internet pornography accounts for the most revenue greater than the top technology companies combined, and about one in two Christian families consider pornography as a major problem in their home. Over half of the Promise Keeper men have viewed pornography in the past week. 
  • Experiencing love & family in the Father.
    • Poverty is “the result of relationships that do not work, that are not just, that are not harmonious or enjoyable. Poverty is the absence of shalom in all its meanings” (Cobbert & Fikkert, 2009). Poverty is not rooted in lack of material items but it is rooted in broken identity or relationships with self, God, and others. Broken relationships lead to every types of crimes and abuse, including sex trafficking and mental disorder.
    • Alumni from the foster care system between twenty to thirty-three years old experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) twice as high as for U.S. war veterans, and one in four of these alumni (25.2%) experienced PTSD in the past year. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the information clearinghouse that tracks missing child reports in the United States, 60% of runaways who are victims of sex trafficking had been in the custody of social services or in foster care.
    • There are about 1.2 million babies aborted each year in US, and 25 million are aborted worldwide each year. Their mothers face an 81 percent increased risk of mental health problems following an abortion, according to a 2011 study published by the British Journal of Psychiatry — a 110 percent increased risk of alcohol use, and a 155 percent increased risk of suicide.
  • Healing & refreshing presence in God.
    • Returning missionaries & leaders may have a safe place to receive healing and be refreshed in God.
  • Multiplying generational transformers. 
    • 4/14 Window refers to the age group between four to fourteen that are most receptive to the gospel, and nearly half of the population within the 10/40 Window are children. The opportunities are enormous because 71% of Christians commit their lives to God before fifteen years old, though less than 5% of the Church today are giving time to help them.
    • The campuses of America represent the next generation of leaders and internationally. About 50% of them by 2020 will be the next generation in the work force.
    • 10/40 Window represents a geographic region that comprise of over 60% of unreached people groups.


  • Establishing a place of perpetual worship & prayer where individuals can pray, receive prayer, worship, engage with the Word of God, be “refreshed from the presence of the Lord,” & learn how to operate in the gifts of Holy Spirit.
  • Training & empowering believers to teach and live out the Word of God while stewarding the gifts of Holy Spirit.
  • Expressing family and love through relationships at social events, group conferences, etc.