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May you be strengthened in your faith unto God, and be powerful witnesses filled with His compassion!
Revelation 12:11 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death."

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Different houses of prayer leaders recently met together last week in Brea to raise some of the issues that some have noticed within the community. Some of these questions were raised within the context of understanding that there was one Levitical priestly tribe out of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Levites were called to minister unto the Lord. Their ministry is likened to the houses of prayer today who acts as priests through Jesus Christ that will stand on behalf of the people asking for God’s mercy for the land and for God to heal His people that would usher in the outpouring of God’s Spirit (Acts 2:17, 18; Joel 2). Some of the questions raised were, “Why is it that the business people don’t feel connected to the house of prayer? What does the model look like for those with career? What does it look like for everyone else but they are called to work?” Some of our leaders, David Wiltfong, Joshua, and I talked about it afterward, and these are some of our inputs.

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Alejandro Valles… or Alex is going to be doing a music set with the FMLYBND at the US Open of Surfing in the upcoming August 5! He was one of our Radical Lovers interns, and I am so proud of him! One of the songs that they will be doing will have a phrase, “Let Love arise,” and they will be proclaiming that over thousands of people in the surf culture.

I’m personally proud of Alex’s heart in how he has sought for reconciliation and God’s love with the relationships that he has been building. He is going through the process of becoming a spiritual father, and he has been standing his grounds on the Word.

Anyone else coming? Lets come support the FMLYBND, and also declare God’s love over the surf culture world.

Thursday, July 25 at 4PM 


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-          I was doing preparations, planning, and execution for a camp retreat… a REAL camp RETREAT with a small core team from Northern and Southern CA from several young adult churches from the Bay Area and also in LA basin.

-          RESULTS: About 26 people in attendance, kayaking, tent camping, tree hugging, heart-healing, resting, water splashing, burning hearts worship, awesome feast (steak for camp??!!! Cooked by our awesome chef John Tran), $1 over budget, tear jerking encounters with God, identity restoration and restored, minimal complaints (highway traffic at night), and… I don’t know… God??!! GOD was in the HOUSE in our laughters and joy as we embraced each other’s different facets of God!

Photo: Tent camping... Tree huggers and kayakers.


-          Engaged, marriage preparation, training, training, training, learning God, and then fun and eat.

-          Praying/Fasting & preparing for training/equipping in the past few months with a new badge of rising leaders in areas of inner healing/deliverance, identity restoration, and will be heading toward glory encounter with God as we release the Power of the Holy Spirit. Part of the healing is also FUN!!

RESULTS: suicidal missionary healed, more people getting healed physically and spiritually in families/friends/personal lives, joyful faces and worshipful culture, people making/keeping/giving more money/tithe/firstfruits, healthier marriage with future babies coming soon, people loving and embracing those who are different than them and giving grace where it is needed and exemplify/pray for those that needs it, etc.

Photo: Charlie's angels bday girls and Aisha's new move to Texas!

Photo: He just put a ring on it :)


-          Dying to your flesh/desires/dreams, resurrecting with joy, and blessing/releasing people into calling

-         RESULTS: spiritual legacy video of CSULB, Tiffa Lu was invited to lead the house of prayer with Impact Church, Katzy Serrano was invited to speak at my young adult church, Harold Huang started an organic church at his house, Nancy/Juan got married and moved to AZ to do something spectacular, and it was also followed by training for radical lovers for 6 months to raise new core leaders in which Alex Valles is now also running around and doing worship encounters.


Organized different Christian clubs representatives/people to worship together for 40 hours and prayed for each other on campus!



Gathering, planning, and supporting the Christian clubs together for ONE night of worship and prayer for people to encounter God, worship God, and encourage each other:



Directed, produced, and edited the Spiritual Legacy of CSULB shown at the ONE event:

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I went to a Messianic Church today with Joshua, and it was quite refreshing to be with Alina Bohm and the Jewish people. It was the first day of Sukkot or the day of the Feast of Tabernacles according to the rabbi. (I think the exact timing is arguable maybe?) Sukkot is a time where the people of God are commanded to make their pilgrimage to the temple.

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I recently went to South Coast Plaza recently to hang out with Joshua, and I had an interesting conversation with a make-up artist about a dream of heaven that she received. I was walking through when a make-up artist from Chanel asked me if I wanted to get make-up. I have never done it before but I was feeling in a free mood. So I decided to sit down and get make-up done for the first time. I forgot her name but she began sharing to me how to take care of my skin better as she put on a lot of different type of make-up. Afterward, she asked me what I do for a living and I shared that I oversee a church or house of prayer. She then shared to me that she had a dream that happened about a week or two ago.

In her dream, there was a gushing water coming down. The way she was describing it sounded like a waterfall. The gushing water began parting into the left and the other one to the right. Coming from the middle of the gushing water were the twelve disciples that were approaching her. There was also Mary or the mother of Jesus Christ that came toward her with them. Jesus Christ came in the middle of them, and she said that he was a very beautiful man. His eyes were vibrant green or spring green color. He had on a long robe that was vibrant gold. He told her that He was coming back soon and that we must get ready. He also told her that He loves her very much. She kneeled before Him and she held onto His hand, kissing it and affectionately told him that she loves him so much, too. In that moment, the phone rang in real life, and she said that every time that she would share it, she would get goosebumps.

She goes to the church sometimes but it’s exciting how God is speaking to many people about His promised return. Isn’t it awesome? Lets get ready for God’s return and continue praying for Him to encounter people everywhere!

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Sometimes we can get so charged up in doing things for God that we forget the best place. The one thing that God desires is us. We cannot offer to God anything except our love. It is the most unique, and it is irreplaceable. Even though God gives us different inheritance, He also wants to see where we see our fulfillment. Is it from the ministry? Is it from the house that we get or the land that we have? There is a great pleasure in His heart when we say, "God, you are my inheritance." Have you ever wondered if God has an inheritance? There is absolutely nothing that He doesn't have, but the one thing He leaves as a choice is our love. Our love for Him is His inheritance (Psa. 28:9, Psa. 33:12). He says this to those who minister to Him, "It shall be, in regard to their inheritance, that I am their inheritance. You shall give them no possession in Israel, for I am their possession" (Ezek. 44:28).

If you are one who ministers to His heart, and then you suddenly run after something else, He will do everything to remove anything that hinders Love. His Beloved is not to be a slave to a ministry or to a title. When He calls us, He calls us into friendship and as His Bride unto Himself. God is not ministry work. Lay everything asides for a moment, and let God in every day.  

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Is the Word of God really the living and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword that we believe in? When I think about a sword that pierces through joints and marrow, I think about something that never looks the same nor can retain its form. The person who gets a sword pierced through them bleeds profusely or they die, especially like the way the word of God is being portrayed (Heb. 4:12). If the Word of God living and powerful, then why are we the same unless the true Word of God has not been revealed in great depths in our time and land yet?

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I'm thinking of sharing some of my notes or my thoughts in some of my readings in the Bible to bless you or encourage you. Right now, I'm doing a deep study on the book of Revelation, but I'm also going through short passages in other Scriptures to help balance the intensity of the book of Revelation. The Lord recently spoke to my heart to teach on the book of Revelation, which is probably going to take three to six months in preparation before I share it publicly, but I also would like to continue on the book of the gospels that I have been going through (Matthew-John). I'm on John right now, so join me to have your faith strengthened through the Scriptures!

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Yesterday, (at the MacArthur Park where some of friends and I do community dinner at 4pm) there was an older Hispanic lady that got healed, and I will share later why that is significant for her. I want to tell a little of her story because it was definitely unique and heart-touching. Her husband died two years ago, and she took in her best friend who was left out in the streets with the two grand-daughter and another daughter. We'll call her Mina, her best friend - Anna, and the best friend's daughter- Jessica.

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MuteJesus Christ said as He spoke to the multitudes upon the mount, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”1

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I recently just shared a response to a friend of mine who was asking about energy healings and raiki and if she should get involved in it as a Christian. I wanted to share to you a response that I have for her from a real meeting that I had with a man that was practicing that, to also encourage you, and to give you perspective to the nature of God.

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So many things have been happening since my return from Virginia, and I have decided to share on two things because of its impact in my own heart with God. One is about WEEHOOT and the other one is about a new believer that is getting baptized this Friday.

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(Picture: our mud hut with our little cat.)

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At first glance, the community dinner on Sundays at MacArthur Park looks like it may be an outreach or a feed-the-homeless program. I think to call it just that would not do justice for what it actually represents. It is about building family with the existing community[1], and restoring identity among those who feel insignificant[2]


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One of the questions that was brought up from Sandy Ovalle with Destino was, “What do you think unity looks like or means?” I’ve been meeting up with some of the leaders in the Long Beach region or those called to Long Beach to build relationships and to seek for the Kingdom of God in this land. I was hanging out with Sandy Ovalle and Ashley Donald yesterday to just hang out. (I have learned in past years that a hang out will cause people to openly talk much more deeply than dubbing something a leadership meeting.) They are staff leaders from Destino and from Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF) at CSULB. Personally, I believe that the deepest unity comes from a place of the security that comes from God’s love and our capacity to love one another well[1]. It is not defined when people come to events together, promote each other’s events, or even hang out with each other every week. Those things are the fruits that come from the security in the love that one person receives and is also able to give away.

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I just recently thought to try to update on the happenings in my life at least once a week and also the adventure that I have been going on with God to encourage you… or rebuke others indirectly (LIS- “laughing in silence”).

Everything has been very interesting and pressuring in different ways for me in the past year and a half. It has been the hardest year of my life walking with the Lord. I think I have had more deaths (of the flesh, ambitions, etc.) than ever, and I have personally stopped counting.  They were deaths to my desires to always see fruitfulness, deaths to certain hopes, and I personally don’t completely understand what other deaths there are either (LIS). I have had more weeping sessions than ever (some are random), but I am trying my best to hold onto the good things and meditate on whatever is pure and lovely.

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We apologize that recently our website got hacked recently on Friday night, and we recently also just found a virus sent against us that would destroy all of the correct links to get to the site. The attack goes specifically into all of our messages, prophecies, and teaching folders.

It may take us a week to upload the new teachings and clean up all of the viruses in the background.

Thank you for your patience. Please go to our facebook website to get the most updated teachings, conversations, and messages: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovehop

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In continuation with the weekly Heroes of the Faith on Tuesday nights at 7pm, we have invited one of our advisors and a present hero of faith to encourage us in our mutual faith in the Lord. Neil shares on some of his background, how he got saved, how the Lord has been using him to call leaders and people of God to the things of God, and the core mandate from Matthew 28:19 to make discipleship of all nations that drives his life.

AUDIO: click here.

(To save the file, right click on the link and select, "Save link as...")

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Join us as we study with the Husbands on how to tune in your physical bodies to hear more clearly the things that God is speaking to us. The majority of the focus is on our God-given identity in Christ and how to prepare our living sanctuary as an act of worship to God. We will be working out our identity in Christ.


"Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? 20 For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s." (1 Cor. 6:19-20; NKJV)


This will push our community to be more disciplined and bear forth the fruits of the leadership and the characteristics of God for His reward.


Join us in the seminar with the Husbands on Sunday 2/6/12 from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Join us for the workout sessions on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 6:30pm-7:30pm, and some Saturdays with FireHOUSE of Prayer. To join us, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or reserve at Facebook event.


Latest message from Ken & Carrie Husband:

Sunday, February 5th: The Temple of the Lord in Identity Restoration

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