Fri, Jul 28, 17




"I learned a few years ago that the devil believes in our prayers more than we do, and he does all he can to keep us from praying. We have wanted to see people praying daily for Long Beach and God brought LoveHOP to our city. Now people are interceding every day for the people of this great city, and we expect great things from God in the days ahead. I believe in the prayers of God's people, I believe in LoveHOP."


- Neil Cole

Executive Director of Church Multiplication Associates


Author of "Organic Church," "Organic Leadership," "Church 3.0," "Search & Rescue," and "Cultivating a Life for God"




On LoveHOP:

"God is raising up a company of young reformers in this hour ... those that have devoted themselves whole-heartedly to the things of God. He is training them in the Houses of Prayer that are springing forth all over the cities, states, and nations of the earth. This is God's End-Time strategy as outlined in Amos 9:11-12. The Lord is raising up one such company in Long Beach - ones who have given themselves to see the transformation of their city. They model beautifully what God is doing in this hour - young people rising up to their place, training others how to live in the world but to not be of the world, and at the same time working hand-in-hand with the fathers/mothers of the land. We love what God is doing at LoveHOP and highly encourage those in the region to join in on what God has birthed there!!"




- Jonathan Ngai

Director, STRIKE LA & Reformation House of Prayer



"We believe the Lord is raising up a generation of young people with a passion for Jesus that contends for their campuses and for the welfare of their city. They long for community and to express the love of Jesus in a tangible  way while walking in power and purity. We see this amazing generation rising up from Houses of Prayer all over Southern California. These are Houses of Prayer that not only cry out, but they go out. It has been our privilege to sow into that generation and into the leadership team of the LOVE House of Prayer (LoveHOP). The team from LoveHOP has stayed true to their name- demonstrating love for Jesus, love for one another and for their community.  We recommend you stop by LoveHOP and gather with others to seek the welfare of the city, region and campuses in Long Beach and Southern California."






- Stuart and Cathy Greer

Ministers and Founders of MISSION SUPPORT NETWORK



"Without prayer, God's action is limited.  With prayer, God's action is unlimited.  We are so thankful that LoveHOP is a prayer-light that will be flowing 24/7 from the Signal Hill/Long Beach area.  We know that their prayers are a vehicle for God to do the impossible in this region.  Our church is personally grateful to be in partnership with LoveHOP and share in their purpose and vision."


- David Hino

Pastor of The Light Christian Fellowship


"Out of Godly intimacy, a generation of fervent lovers of Jesus Christ emerges from the houses of prayer throughout cities. Signal Hill is such a crucial and strategic venue in the spirit. It is my desire and prayer to partner with LoveHOP to win Long Beach & Signal Hill for God."

- Jack Lee

Pastor of Impact Harvest Church, a River of Life Church Plant



" For the last 11 years that I have served on the campus of Long beach state and the city of Long beach, it has always been my desire to see revival at Long Beach State University and in the region. So, for the last 5 years many leaders have labored to see a prayer house in the Long Beach region. So, when the Lord commissioned LoveHop to start a prayer house in 2009, I knew that this an answer to all the prayers we had offered up in times past. I really believe that this is the beginning of greater things for the region of Long Beach."

-Seyi Olagunju

Founder/Director of  Nations Worship Ministries