Sat, Nov 18, 2017

Code of Honor

Our code of honor is what we abide by as we build the Body of Christ at large to commit to doing the work of God and build the existing ministries in the local area. We have placed this code of honor to help strengthen our relationships with ministries as the Lord calls us to also build a perpetual 24/7 house of prayer and our home church base. Biblically, we believe that the house of prayer is the church and the church is called to be God's house of prayer. We believe there are four fundamental concepts as we build the house of prayer and church trainings that will add godly value to the churches. We continue to encourage individuals in the Body of Christ to be a part of their local church and to not leave the local church just because a new one has more desirable qualities than where they may be from their perspective. We encourage individuals to continue serving the vision and mission that God has called for that local church within that leadership and make every efforts to get resolution and have the bond of peace. We do not encourage individuals to leave a ministry especially if we know it plays into their bitterness or unforgiveness. We make every efforts to strengthen and bridge the relationships of the leadership and the individuals to be healed and joyful in the Lord. However, we also believe there are four key reasons when an individual is no longer part of or should be a part of a home church. Through prayer and as we believe the Lord directs us in the leadership, we may encourage some individuals to leave that home church.

There are some key reasons when an individual leaves a home church:
1. Distance. An individual lives too far to be a part of that home church making it difficult to build healthy relationships with the family and in investment relationships at the work place or school.
2. Mission. You are sent out by God to start another church or work of God. The individual is still part of the home church but there is a change to higher priority to the new mission for the individual.
3. Breaking away to build godly relationships. Sometimes we encourage individuals to break away from the home church because there are ungodly signs of relationships between leaders and the individuals. This happens after we have made attempts to mediate for the relationships in Matt. 18:15-17.
4. Passed Away.
5. Excommunication.

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